Friday, March 30, 2012


Inside Lolita
I have been to Lolita a number of times without actually blogging it because it was only for a few drinks, or I literally would go with the intention of blogging it, only to find out there was a two hour wait.  When Lolita first opened in the former Papa Razzi location, it was the talk of the town and, like Temazcal, could require a long wait for a table with little reservation allowances.  I heard some good things so I was eager to see what it was all about.  The first time I went it was actually on a Tuesday night, early ~ 6:00pm, and I finally went downstairs to be welcomed by the deep red interior with its dramatic chandeliers and iron accents.  It definitely excited me for what I was to find.

After a drink at the bar, my friends M and S joined me and we were quickly seated at our table.  Shortly thereafter our server brought over an icy grapefruit granita.  They normally pour tequila over the top, but with a pregnant person at our table, we politely declined.  Having had this before, they cannot be accused of having a light hand!

Icy Granita
While we were looking over the menu and catching up our server brought over chips and a variety of salsas: a tomatillo, a more traditional red, a cheesy salsa, and a spicier salsa in a bottle - plenty of options to satisfy any palate.

Chips and Salsa
For drinks, I stuck with Pacifico beer (it was Mexican!)  Having had their margaritas previously, I can attest to how delicious they are - pricey at $13 - $14, but definitely interesting and tasty.  S went with one of the Aqua Frescas, which are non-alcoholic special juice blends almost tasty enough to make you forget your 7 month pregnancy and non-alcoholic lifestyle :)

Aqua Frescas
M went with a glass of the White Sangria, made with white wine, Lillet, vanilla vodka, peaches, pineapple, white grapes and lychees.  The sangria was light and refreshing and not too juicy like most sangria's are.

White Sangria
For dinner we just decided to split a bunch of plates and get a good taste of everything.  When I saw a side of brussell sprouts I definitely had to add it to our list, even more so when I found out M was a brussell sprout virgin.  Having just been converted, I am now looking to convert others!  These were great with some delicious lime and bacon flavor.

Brussell Sprouts
For tacos we went with the rib-eye tacos, which had tender grilled sliced rib-eye, tobacco onions, and garlic crema.  The soft flour tortilla was warm and held the delicious tacos components without being too heavy.

Finally, we went with the spinach and cheese quesadilla, which also had chihuahua cheese, queso fresco, and pickled jalapenos.  Lightly grilled and loaded with perfectly melted cheese made for a nice cap to our meal.

When it came time for check it arrived alongside of a giant pile of green apple cotton candy topped with  Pop Rocks!  This just made for a really fun finale to the meal.

Cotton Candy
I had previously had the nachos and some of the other appetizers and just found them overwhelming cheesy (and NOT in a good way, which is hard to believe!) so I made sure to steer clear of these items.  While these food items were better than my previous experiences, they still weren't total home runs.  However, with the atmosphere and the yummy drinks I would definitely head back to Lolita again and enjoy some margaritas and other tasty cocktails.

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  1. last time I was in we feasted on the brussels sprouts and guac (and the expensive margs of course.) I really like the "white lie" marg made with st germain!

  2. I'd heard mixed things about Lolita. The tacos look pretty good.

  3. I've been to Lolita several times and really like it (I never get to blog about it though because it's so dark and my camera can't process the pics!) - I also love the brussels sprouts and the guac with lobster. And their desserts are pretty awesome too!

  4. I haven't been to Lolita in ages, but I remember enjoying the drinks and the guacamole. Those brussels sprouts look delicious!

  5. I've had some misses at lolita too. Glad that you enjoyed the ambiance, though! I'd like to return for drinks sometime!


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