Monday, March 26, 2012

The Hawthorne - Saturday Night Drinks

When looking for upscale bars or lounges in Boston, it's tough to find one that is comfortable but also sleek and modern.  However, this all changed with the Hotel Commonwealth's new lounge The Hawthorne, which has garnered a great reputation in the few short months since it opened.  On a recent Saturday night, Nick and I decided to enjoy the lovely weather and walked on down to Kenmore Square. We arrived at The Hawthorne right before 6:00pm and were welcomed by a hostess who quickly walked us over to a seating area with two modified wing-back chairs and a small side table in between, mimicking a small conversation area you would find in your own living room.

Phil Collins
Shortly after sitting down, our server introduced himself and told us a bit about their specialty craft cocktail menu that changes daily, but if you have a favorite the bartenders are more than willing to mix them up for you.  After inquiring about a few drinks, we placed our order of a Phil Collins (Vodka, Cucumber, Lime and Chartreuse) for me and a Bull Fighter (a Bärenjäger based drink) for Nick.  Both drinks were delicious - surprising and totally different, earning their reputation for craft cocktails.

Bull Fighter
After a couple of drinks, Nick and I wanted a little nosh because our dinner reservations were a bit later, so we got some Sweet and Spicy Cashews that had such a delicious flavor and were completely addictive.  The bowl disappeared quickly.

Sweet and Spicy Cashews
For the next round of drinks, I got an Air Mail (Rum, Lime, Honey and Bubbles) since it sounded too delicious not to try. This drink was a bit heavier than the Phil Collins, which is why I had it second.  It was fantastic - a little vacation in a glass.

Air Mail
Nick was not sure what to order this time around and was looking for some recommendations from our very informative server, who ultimately recommended a Moscow Mule.  Being the ginger beer fan that he is, this may shortly become Nick's favorite summer drink.  While most Moscow Mules are made with ginger beer, the Hawthorne makes theirs with a house-made ginger infused syrup and a splash of soda, which was a delicious twist on the cocktail.

Moscow Mule
In our final round, I asked for a recommendation since Nick's went so well (he went back to the Bull Fighter because he loved it so much).  I told our server I was more of a vodka person and big into St. Germain so he recommended the Bohemian, a sparkling cocktail that was delicious and the perfect cap to our drink experience at The Hawthorne.

With plenty of fun conversation spaces for groups of any size (including a long community table) and an expansive bar, there will be an area for you to sit and enjoy some fantastic cocktails at The Hawthorne.  It really fills a gap in the Boston cocktail scene with its large upscale space that you can feel comfortable in.  If you haven't already indulged in some of the cocktails from Hawthorne I would highly recommend a trip.

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  1. I've heard such good things about Hawthorne. I'd check it out just for those nuts, love spiced nuts

  2. i loved the Phil Collins! so glad you guys enjoyed your evening here.

  3. I do love how comfortable yet swanky Hawthorne is. I need to plan a return visit!

  4. I still haven't been! All I've been reading are great reviews though, including yours, so I can't wait to check it out.

  5. I just booked the Hawthorne for a private event and now cant wait. I love the new space and what they have done with it. So much better and in keeping with the rest of the Commonwealth.

  6. I've been meaning to try the Hawthorne and I keep hearing great things. It sounds like a place I would love.

  7. What a fun evening! My husband and I went for a drink and some bean dip on night before dinner. I'll have to return seeing all your great drink orders!

  8. I've had a bohemian at Drink, and they made it with St. Germain, gin, and grapefruit juice. It was amazing. I want to try that Moscow Mule and the air mail cocktail!


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