Thursday, March 15, 2012

Valentine's Day at Grill 23

Like most couples, Valentine's Day is one of those nights that Nick and I like to go out to a nice dinner (it may have something to do with the lack of a dinner table at home!) but I hate dealing with the crowds and the prix fixed menus.  Last year we went to Mamma Maria and it was amazing.  Not thinking we could beat it, at the end of December (right before the wedding, because we would not have enough time after the honeymoon) we decided to make reservations at Grill 23 knowing there would be not "special menu" and that they definitely could deal with a busy night.  All that and Grill 23 is known to have amazing steak.

Easy Red to Enjoy

Delicious Breads

Since Valentine's was a Tuesday, I changed into a fancier outfit at the office and headed to the Back Bay (with a stop at the opening party for the new Crush Back Bay).  When I arrived at Grill 23, I grabbed a quick drink at the bar while I waited for Nick and our table to be prepared.  I went with a simple girly raspberry vodka martini and, upon arrival, Nick got a glass of Chianti, which he really liked.  When we were brought to our table and started to review the wine menu, Nick noticed that the Chianti was not offered by the bottle but our server told us they did offer it and brought us over a bottle.  The Rosso di Altesino was fruity and smooth, with rich berry notes - making it perfect for our evening, especially considering Nick drank no red wine when we met!

Grill 23 exclusively offers Brandt Beef, which maintains a “farm-to-fork” philosophy that involves raising its animals humanely and naturally without hormones or the use of antibiotics.  The family-owned and run farm has an amazing commitment to sustainability that also includes being responsible stewards of the land.  When I started to look at the menu during the day, I naturally first noticed the filet mignon since it is my go-to steakhouse meal, but I wanted to venture out a bit and had heard that the bone-in Delmonico was the best.  However, it is no longer on the menu!  The closet thing to it was the 20 oz. bone-in rib-eye.  Not really sure where to go I did what any normal girl does these days - reaches out via Twitter of course!  Shortly thereafter, Grill 23 replied, and after a little back and forth they suggested the 100 day rib-eye, which is slightly smaller at 18 oz (but still huge)!

When I talked to the server in an effort to make the final decision, he also recommended the 100 Day Rib-Eye, saying that the 100 days was chosen as the best number of days to allow the beef to age by a panel of people who know beef - how could I not get this one?!?  Thank goodness I did because it was hands-down the best piece of steak I have ever eaten!  It was cooked perfectly - so tender and juicy and flavorful.  The bit of sauteed onions served with the steak added some great additional flavor.  At 18oz I thought I would have plenty for lunch the next day, but I seriously had to cut myself off and not embarrass myself by skipping the sides and eating the whole thing.

100 Day Rib-Eye
Nick went with the filet (my normal pick) and it was also delicious, though I think he was a bit jealous of mine!  Again, the filet was cooked perfectly and it was super tender.

For our first side we went with some asparagus, which was refreshing with all the meat.  They were tender but also had a bit of crunch to them - just the way I like them.

Needing to carb it up a bit, we also ordered the Mac and Cheese, which had a crunchy buttery topping and loads of cheese.  This rich and creamy side was definitely a good contrast to the veggie.  

Mac and Cheese
We decided to skip appetizers and take home a lot of the sides so we would have room for dessert.  Nick saw the bruleed bananas in the sticky toffee pudding and was sold immediately.  This seems like a tricky dessert that was done well.  The crunch on the banana contrasted perfectly to pudding.

Sticky Toffee Pudding
I went with the vanilla creme brulee served with almond macaroons.  To be honest, I was so full I only managed to eat the burnt sugar top and then walked out holding the delicious macaroons.  It was a nice cap to a fantastic meal.

Creme Brulee
Prior to Grill 23 it had been a number of years since I had been out for a great steak dinner and this reminded me why there is a reason to go our for such a meal - its so good!  Of the many steak places I have been to in Boston, I think this was my favorite experience, even on a night where some restaurants fail.  Grill 23 made for a great Valentine's Day night.

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  1. We also had steak on V-Day but we went to L'Andana. I know a lot of people don't like going out on Valentine's Day but for me, it is a perfect excuse to dress up and celebrate love!

  2. Sounds like a lovely date night. We tend to hit the town the weekend before or after Vday and eat at home on the actual day but great to know that Grill 23 worked out well!

  3. i love dressing up and going out for a nice meal on vday. glad Grill 23 was so amazing!

  4. I LOVE steak (esp ribeye) but haven't been to Grill 23 yet!

    1. If you are a fan I would HIGHLY recommend a trip to Grill 23 for this

  5. I haven't been there, but that ribeye looks amazing. Although I would be totally tempted to make a meal out of that mac and cheese...

  6. Very cool about where they source their meat from. I LOVE sticky toffee pudding.

  7. The mac and cheese looks awesome! I have been on a ribeye kick for at least a year now. I used to just order filet all the time, but I am all about the fattier, more flavor ribeye these days.


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