Thursday, September 29, 2011

Temazcal Tequila Cantina

For Nick's birthday this year his mom gave him a gift certificate Temazcal, which was a great gift because it meant I got to share!  Having heard there are crazy waits and no reservations, timing this dinner was going to be a bit difficult as I really did not want to wait 2 hours.  However, I had a conference over at the Westin, and since Nick works over there we figured this would be the best time.  Nick left work with the mission to add our name to the list in person (you cannot call in your name), but to make it more difficult, your whole party has to present in order to even add your name!  So after a bit of a hustle on my part from the hotel I met Nick at Temazcal at about 6:15 and were sat straight away right at the front windows looking out over the water.  With the water views and the bright and vibrant decor it makes you want to have a good time.

Sitting down with our iPads for menus we started looking at the menu, with pictures to boot.  After seeing the first one on the list I was sold, the Besos - complete with Patron Silver, St. Germain, lemon wedges, Agave nectar and fresh raspberries.  The drink was delicious, fresh and tasty.  I really could not even taste the tequila.

After getting our drinks, they served us a heaping pile of chips and a varieties of salsas.  The chips were fresh and the salsas were not your typical garden variety with a mild, medium and hot.  Instead they was a sweeter one, a medium heat and then almost like a bean dip with some cheese on top. Really, these chips could have been a full appetizer.
Chips and SalsaS!
The Menu
After looking over the menu, we knew we had to get the lobster guacamole, which had avocado, lobster, tomatoes, onions, cilantro and serrano chiles.  You always wonder how much lobster is added to this type of dish, but here there is nothing to worry about - in addition to the 2 claws there was plenty of yummy chunks of lobster mixed in, no searching necessary.

Lobster Guacamole
After a delicious warm up, it was on to the main dishes.  Nick went with the Mole Poblano (Mole Puebla Style), which is poached chicken braised in chilies, onions, garlic, tomatillos, Mexican chocolate and sesame.  In the picture and when the dish came out the chicken was topped off with some toasted coconut!  The pigmentation was beautiful, and the mole was tasty, different than the mole I was used to.  However, the chicken is on the bone, which did make it a bit difficult to eat.

Mole Poblano
I went with the Filete Al Chipolte, which is prime beef tenderloin, oaxaca cheese, gordita corn tortillas, watercress and salsa chipolte.  I mean, what is not to like - cheese over steak!  The minute I saw this on the menu I knew I had to order this dish, I was curious to see how it all came together.  When I cut into the steak, the cheese was melted over a perfect medium-rare beef.  The cheese and the beef worked so well together in a single bite.  I could not get enough.  To be honest, I really did not need the flour tortilla, but it provided a good base to the dish.

Filete al Chipolte
Accompanying rice and beans
During dinner the weather cleared up a bit so while we were enjoying the food, the manager opened up the windows, which completely fold away.  Basically it was like our table was outside, but we had a roof over our head.  It was fantastic!  Wanting to stay and enjoy the view, but too full for dessert, we opted for cocktails instead.  I got the Sangria Rojo, which is made with oragnes, lemons, limes, sugar, salt, orange grape and white cranberry juice, cinnamon and red wine (the full recipe is on the website).  I loved all the flavors in each sip of the sangria.  This had a lot going on, but it all came together.  It certainly wasn't too sweet like some of the sangrias I have had, but I wish the red wine would come out a bit more.

After dinner drinks!
Nick had the Sueno Nuboso, which had Bacardi Silver rum, mint, coconut water, lychee syrup, muddled lime and agave nectar.  This drink also had lots of good flavors going on that worked together well.  If you are a big fan of mint and coconut, this drink is definitely for you!

Overall I really enjoyed my dinner at Temazcal.  I am not sure I would wait 2 hours for the food, but it is delicious.  The drinks are great and the restaurant has a great vibe to it, making it a fun spot to hang out.  With the unobstructed views of the water, you cannot beat just hanging out in the bar or on the deck.  I highly recommend heading over to Temazcal for some drinks, and if you can get it in, I would definitely stay for some food!

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  1. You are totally living the life these days - such great restaurants and drinks! I agree with everything you said about Temazcal - pretty good food, great view, crappy wait!

  2. I want your drink and your entree! Both sounds amazing. I still need to try there.

  3. I've been wanting to check this place out for awhile, gotta make the rounds at Liberty Wharf!


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