Friday, September 30, 2011

Ironside Grill - Sports Bar in Charlestown!

Nick and I were over in Charlestown a couple of weekends ago doing a little recon on the housing market over there.  Not that we are moving anytime soon, we were just curious what things are like in that part of town - what's better than going and walking around peoples houses and secretly judging and being envious all at the same time?!  After a long day of criss-crossing Charlestown more than once we were starving and thirsty.

Rather than waiting until we got home for some refreshments, we decided to head to Ironside Grill to grab a drink.  We both had been there once before.  The main focus point is the big bar that actually has a second bar like table behind it (almost like stadium seating) so there always will be plenty of places to grab a stool and watch a game.  With some of the football games on, Nick and I decided to grab a seat at the bar.

Even though it was not officially fall, Nick couldn't resist ordering a Pumpkinhead as it is his favorite beer, and one of the million reasons he looks forward to the season is because this is available!  However, Ironside Grill added something that neither of had seen before - a cinnamon and sugar rimmed glass.  This was beyond tasty and now, of course, Nick does not want to drink his beer any other way.  I had the Sam Adams Octoberfest, which was delicious as well.

Look at that rim!
While I did not think I was really that hungry, I ordered a sandwich because I knew I would be jealous when I saw Nick with some food.  Since I think we walked about 5 miles I decided to indulge in a steak and cheese wrap (in a wheat wrap - that makes up for it, right?!).  This wrap was everything I wanted it to be - full of flavor with only a little bit of grease to give it the full effect.

Steak and Cheese
Nick ordered the buffalo chicken wrap, which was also tasty.  The chicken was tender with a nice crispy outer later.  We decided to get both types of fries: sweet potato and steak fries.  Both were delicious.  While I normally prefer sweet potato fries, which were delicious, these steak fries were totally the ones to get.  They just had a great bite to them.

Buffalo Chicken Wrap
Ironside Grill is a great neighborhood sports bar.  They have great food offerings with a bar that offers plenty.  You could tell there are a lot of regulars who go just to hang out and the bartenders are excited to see them.  If you find yourself in Charlestown looking for some good pub food, Ironside totally fits the bill.

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  1. gotta love old Ironsides. and Charlestown in general!


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