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Pequod - Chicago Deep Dish and some Touristy Activities

When going to Chicago there are so many incredible food options, but one of the most basic is also the most delicious: Chicago Deep Dish Pizza. When you ask for recommendations you can get any number of names, including the original Pizzeria Uno.  However, when I asked my friend C, who we were staying with, where to go for some good deep dish, without hesitation she suggested Pequod's Pizza

Chicago Deep Dish
When we were seated at our table, we noticed that not only was Pequod's C's recommendation, it was actually just named the Best Pizza in Illinois by Food Network Magazine.  With those types of endorsements I knew we would be in for a treat. 

Pequod is actually the name of the boat in Moby Dick, thus the whale!
After a busy day of touring, I was starving by the time we sat down and was ready to eat something.  Nick left the decision making to me and after a bit of hemming and hawing over what greasy deliciousness to order, I settled on the mozzarella sticks.  The breading was crispy and well seasoned and the dipping sauce also had a lot of flavor, making these very tasty!

Mozzarella Sticks
Nick and I both opted for our own "make your own" deep dish pizzas since we have a bit of a difference in opinion on what makes a good topping!  While he went with green olives, I chose mushrooms and pepperoni (I have never met a pizza with these toppings I haven't fully enjoyed).  As we waited for the pizzas to arrive, I was even happier we ordered the appetizers - I had forgotten just how long a good deep dish takes.  Soon enough our pizzas arrived tableside in the pan and out server was kind enough to cut us the first piece. 

With all the cheesy goodness, it was a good thing she cut the first piece - I think I would have made an absolute mess.  While the toppings were good, the pizza crust was amazing.  I had forgotten how good a real deep dish pizza was.  Pequod's actually warns you on the menu about their crust, because I am sure some people think it's burnt.  This is definitely NOT the case.  According to Pequod's, and to which I can attest, the crust is caramelized from being cooked in the pans that have been used over many years.  This adds a whole other level to the pizza slice. 

Caramelized crust
After two slices, I was completely stuffed, but completely satisfied.  I still love traditional East Coast pizza, but sometimes there's nothing like a good deep dish pie.  Can anyone recommend a good pan pizza in Boston?  I will need a fixing soon! 

Pequod's Pizza on Urbanspoon

During our extended stay in Chicago, we got to see some of the sites that I didn't have time for on my many previous visits.  Our first stop was The Bean, a fully reflective monument that is literally shaped like a giant bean in the middle of Millennium Park.

The Bean reflecting the Chicago sky line
Watching me take a photo of Nick and I
From there we walked over to Buckingham Fountain in Grant Park, which I refer to as the "Married with Children" Fountain.  It really is beautiful - something I feel you would more likely see in Europe rather than downtown Chicago.

"Love and marriage.  Love and marriage..."
From there we wandered back up Michigan Avenue toward the John Hancock Center, where you can go to the top to the bar and enjoy the view rather than paying to go to the observation deck.  However, what we were told earlier that day is that the best view in the sky lounge is actually from the ladies bathroom.  Sure enough - that's where I got the best pictures!

View from the ladies room
The following day we decided to indulge in a Ferris Bueller's Day Off-themed day. First stop: the Chicago Art Institute!

These guys are Father Daughter!  Not Married - WHO KNEW!
Seurat's huge painting made up of ALL dots of paints
From the Art Institute we headed west towards the Willis (Sears) Tower (the second tallest building in the world when you count the antennas!).  After an hour that consisted of waiting in line, having some photos taken, an informational movie and some fun facts, Nick and I took the 60 second elevator ride up to the 104th floor of the Tower and were welcomed by some amazing views. 

To the South
To the Northeast
To the North
We couldn't leave without testing out the glass cubes recently added to the Tower by the original architecture firm who designed the Tower.  While I am smiling in this photo, I was actually really scared.  Even though there are tons of people safely out there, taking those first steps out there where you can see all the way to the ground is nerve wracking!

Waving to Nick in the other cube
Nick crouching in the cube
After enjoying all the views, we headed back to the Millennium Park area to pick up our car, but not before seeing Crown Fountain, which is a huge fountain that shows the faces of regular people from Chicago that occasionally like to spit - so funny to watch!

Crown Fountain
On our last day, we headed to the Lincoln Park Zoo, one of only three free zoos in America.  Nick, having lived in DC with one of those other free zoos, was totally impressed with this Zoo.  All the animals seemed well cared for and were enjoying themselves. 

Sleeping Bear
After seeing almost every animal in the zoo, we headed to the gift shop and and had a bit of fun with the masks.

A Giraffe
Needless to say we had a fun filled trip with loads of touristy fun.  We were very lucky that we were staying with friends when Irene decided to wreak havoc on the east coast.  We were able to make the most of our extra 3 days in Chicago and not pay a fortune in hotel bills! 

While we totally enjoyed out deep dish pizza, we had plenty of other good meals I will share, just in case you find yourself in Chicago and don't know where to eat!

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  1. I've never had true Chicago deep dish pizza. It's definitely only list of things to someday try!


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