Monday, September 19, 2011

Wishbone - Wake-up Chicago!

Heading back to the mid-west!  We were supposed to be flying back to Boston, but thanks to Irene we were in Chicago for a few more days and wanted to make sure we took full advantage of that time.  First step: breakfast.  In July when I was out visiting C we went to Wishbone and it was delicious.  Even better, the restaurant was big enough so that there was no wait!  Since Nick and I had driven downtown for last three days we jumped when his friend C offered to come out to us!

Home done hot sauce
Just as before, the three of us were sat immediately and started to examine and discuss all the delicious offerings on the menu.  With a restaurant that sells itself as in the style of contemporary American cuisine and steeped in the home-cooked table fare of North Carolina mixed with a dash of Creole spice (AKA Southern Reconstruction), it was tough to making a decision.  After settling in a bit with some delicious coffee and fresh squeezed OJ, we made some choices.

I got the shrimp and grits, partly because they sounded delicious but also because the tips on FourSquare spoke so highly of them.  The shrimp was sauteed with bacon, mushrooms, scallions, white wine and cream, and served over cheese grits with a biscuit.  These were fantastic - loads of good spicy flavors with the soft grits underneath.  Every bite was just delicious, and I could not get enough.

Shrimp and Grits
Nick went with an omelet.  Neither of us can quite remember what was in it, but Nick remembers it being similar to my dish and definitely had shrimp in it.  It came with a delicious side of cheddar grits and a biscuit.  Again, loads of flavor, just a bit less creamy.

Savannah Omlette
C got the bean cakes, which were spicy vegan patties of black beans served with mango salsa, two eggs, home fries and a corn muffin.  The bean cakes were something totally different than what you normally see on brunch menus.  Note that spicy means spicy here but in a good way - it really just added flavorful heat.  The spice of the cakes was a good contrast to the eggs, home fries and the muffin.  It was just a really fun and completely non-traditional breakfast.

Bean Cakes

Also, because they sounded too good to pass up we got an order of the crunchy french toast for the table to share.  The toast is basically dipped in corn flakes before being cooked.  This is actually what I ordered on my first trip and they were delicious so I was all for sharing.  I love the crunch on the outside for an initial good bite and then sinking your teeth into the fluffy bread inside.

Crunchy French Toast
Once again, I totally enjoyed my brunch at Wishbone.  While I only have been to the Lincoln Park location, there is another location in the West Loop.  All the meals have loads of great flavor.  For me, the fact that twice I have been able to walk right in and sit even though the place was crowded just makes things easier.  If you are anything like me, when you want to eat brunch, having to wait for an hour totally ruins the experience because you are so hungry by the time the food comes you don't even taste it.  Overall, another great Chicago culinary experience. 

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