Monday, October 3, 2011


The city has been crazy recently with concerts, fairs and people just trying to enjoy the last bits of summer before the crisp fall weather settles in for the long haul. While this is fun for all of us city dwellers, when you actually need to get out of Boston, it presents a few problems. When Nick and I were supposed to head to the South Shore recently, we had his sister pick us up down by the Rose Kennedy Greenway rather than on Charles because the Esplanade and the Common were bustling.

Nick and I left with enough time to stop and pick up some food in Fanuiel Hall somewhere, but we had no destination in mind. After crossing over the top of the hill we caught a glimpse of Dore Creperie in the little stand-alone building in between City Hall Plaza and Downtown Crossing on Cambridge Street. The building has housed a number of restaurants, most recently Pressed, but now it is home to this pop-up Creperie. Since Nick and I no longer work downtown, if a restaurant is not open on weekends we are generally out of luck. However, we happened to catch Dore on it's first open Saturday - perfect!

We walked in and were welcomed by a friendly staff ready to help us navigate the menu of sweet and savory crepes. While Nick went savory with the Buffalo Chicken crepe, I went for the sweet Nutella.

There are about 5 stations for the crepe making to occur, all of which consist of these circular griddles. First they pour on some batter and spread it out with a tool that looks like one of those tiny sand garden rakes.

For the buffalo chicken crepe they sprinkled a little blue cheese on the lightly cooked crepe. For the Nutella, they wait until they have folded it in half to add the Nutella.

I knew I was in good hands when I walked into a place that had a little wall of Nutella.

Finally, they allow everything to cook together and get pretty hot, before folding the crepe into thirds, putting it in some foil and handing it over. We had ours to-go and walked over to the Greenway to wait for Nick's sister and enjoy the sunshine.

The crepes were delicious, to the point where the woman sitting near us on the Greenway asked us where we got them because she wanted to head over straight away. The Creperie is such a welcome addition to the Boston scene because I do not believe we have any others! However, it will not be the only one for long - a new crepe restaurant is going in over on Newbury Street. That may also be a good thing because the owner said he has not decided on whether to make this a permanent restaurant or not. He really likes the idea of coming up with something new to keep the space fresh. So, if you are interested in some crepes, hurry over soon because they may not be there forever!

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  1. when I was in France I ate a crepe with nutella every day. Good to know I can head here to get my fix!

  2. Had such a fun time taking a class and making and sampling crepes there recently. Glad you guys had a chance to check it out!

  3. Looks really delicious! A wall of Nutella is a good sign :)


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