Monday, October 17, 2011

FOUR Burger - Boylston Street Burgers on the Common!

Back when I was diligent about working out, waking up at 5:30 AM, and heading out to bootcamp, I would longingly run by FOUR burger during the "warm-up" run.  Then, during the rest of the hour I wondered about their food - was it tasty?  With only catching a glimpse of the inside on each run, I saw some red booths, but really had no idea.  Was it fancy or casual?  Needless to say, Four Burger was way better to ponder than how much pain I was in!

The Burger
After the entire summer, Nick and I finally decided (remembered) that Four Burger was right around the corner and a perfect stop before heading to the movies to see Drive (a little Ryan Gosling goes a long way).  Upon a little review, turns out that Four Burger is basically a fast-food restaurant that is turned up a few notches - perfect for a good quick bite.

The premise of FOUR Burger is exactly as the name describes - they offer four different types of burgers: grass-fed beef, black bean, turkey, and an Atlantic salmon burger.  Each burger can come with a varieties of toppings of your choosing.  If burgers are not your thing they also serve hot dogs.
The Four Burger Menu
They serve beer and wine - and milk of course!
Stalked Fridge
Wanting the full effect, I of course went with the grass fed burger with beef from Northeast Family Farms, so it was totally local.  I topped my burger with cheese, lettuce, and grilled onions.  The burger was well seasoned and delicious.  For $7.00, this has to be one of the most tasty burgers - and with all local ingredients, even better!
Grass-Fed Burger
The Inside Decor
Nick went with the turkey burger and topped it with an apple and cranberry chutney, cheddar, lettuce and tomatoes. This burger was a great alternative to the traditional burger without losing any of the delicious flavor.  The chutney was a great compliment to the turkey.  It was sort of like Thanksgiving in burger form. 
Turkey Burger
Four Burger offers both sweet potato and regular fries.  Luckily they offer a combination side with both!  The side had a great mixture of nicely crisped thin fries perfect for snacking alongside a delicious burger

Combo Fries
FOUR burger offers up delicious food at a great price.  While you order at a counter, there is a server to bring you your food and clear your dishes away.  So, while you get the benefits of the quick service and prices, you get the full service you sometimes want on a night out.  FOUR Burger has all of it so I highly recommend a trip.

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  1. I walk by all the time and really want to try it!

  2. I totally want to try the salmon burger!

  3. Oh I think there's one in Central Square too. I've always been curious about it. One of these days we will check it out!


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