Tuesday, October 11, 2011

CHUCK - best burgers in Palm Beach!

Nick and I went to visit his mother recently in South Florida.  Last year we went to Florida in December and had a great time enjoying some sunshine and comfortable temperatures.  This time however, it was September and humid and HOT and rainy, but we still had a good time!  For lunch one afternoon we headed across the street to Chuck, a new "burger joint," within walking distance from Nick's mom's house.  Good thing we don't live there permanently because I might be over at Chuck at least once a week!

Double Burger!
When you walk into Chuck, you are welcomed by an open dining area with concrete floors and beamed ceilings - not your typical "burger" style decor.  The menu is small, consisting of burgers, fries and hot dogs, but it really doesn't need more because the burgers are delicious!  I ordered a single and Nick went with a double burger, and we got a side of fries to share.

Lunch is served!
A standard burger comes just as-is, but you can certainly ask to add traditional toppings like lettuce and tomato.  We both added grilled onions to the burger that were so soft and tasty.  The cheese on the burgers was so well melted over the patty.  It just all worked so well together!  The meat was well seasoned and had just enough grease to give the burger the diner feeling.

Yum Burger
Once of the best things was the bun.  It was light and fluffy and did not overpower the burger.  The best part about the bun was they did not cut it all the way through, so all the toppings and meat will stay in the bun no matter what - GENIUS!

So smart!
The fries were good but I like mine a bit thinner and more well done.

Bottom line, if you are in Palm Beach it is worth a trip to Chuck to indulge in a delicious burger.  Oh, and and they sell beer and wine, so if you are looking for something a bit extra, they have it!


  1. I don't even eat burgers, but your pics make me want one!

  2. I wonder if my grandparents know about this place, they love a good burger!!

  3. Looks and sounds kind of like Five Guys.. which I love. Those pictures are giving me burger cravings!

  4. I love burgers and even though I just had dinner, after reading your post I now want a burger! ;)


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