Saturday, January 22, 2011

Vapiano - pasta, pizza and more

Last night, after going to the movies on the Common with some friends, we headed over to Vapiano on the corner of Stuart and Charles.  Vapiano is another European restaurant that is slowly making its way into the States.  Vapiano's style is somewhere close to a cafeteria, so everything is made to order, but in a casual dining setting so the prices are a bit cheaper.  Each restaurant also has an olive tree going inside, the Italian symbol  for good luck and a long life.

The Olive Tree
When you walk in the hostess hands you the food and drink menus as well as a Vapiano credit card.  You then seat yourself at tables that are meant for about 10 people apiece.  Assuming the place is packed, you will end up sharing your table with another party.  Along most of the walls of the restaurant are the various kitchen stations.  When you are ready to order, you head on up to the station that prepares the food you want - antipasti, pizza, sandwiches, or pasta - and place your order with the chef.

Inside Vapiano
I headed to the pasta station and ordered pesto with spaghetti.  They had a great variety of sauces and pastas, including whole wheat variates.  After I ordered, I actually tapped the credit card they gave me against the register, which keeps track of what you buy.  When you are done, you bring the card up to the front and pay there.  Pretty simple.

Pesto Pasta
The pasta was OK.  I realized a little too late that it needed salt.  Nick got the ham and arugula panini, which was on sourdough bread with smoked Gouda and came with tomato basil soup.  The sandwich was really good and tasty, however the soup could have used a bit more flavor.

The Panini
The friends we were with ordered pizzas, which were large - definitely big enough to share.  The pizza were pretty good, with a nice fluffy crust to them.

The Margherita Pizza
The Chicken Pesto Pizza
Vapiano also has a full bar with a good variety of wine that they serve by the glass or bottle.  Some glasses are actually less than $5, which is pretty good in my book! 

Overall I was happy I went and tried out Vapiano.  The concept is fun and different.  It's great for lunch or a quick dinner.  Most of the time though, I would rather sit down to a dinner where the food is brought to me.  But on certain nights, this would be a great option!

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