Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Another Blizzard Already?!?

Unlike the last blizzard, I was not fortunate to have the day off today.  I could have worked from home, but thought I could earn some good points by coming in and holding down the fort for the rest of the office.  My one caveat, the T needed to be running.  If the T was done, so was I.  Even a number of the big offices closed for the day due to the snow.  However, since I work for one of the area hospitals, we never get a snow day.  Who knew adults get snow days too! 

This snow too a long time to get here.  I am not actually sure what time the snow started to fall, but wow, its falling hard.  I was like a little kid this morning, amazed by the amount of snow that fell while I was sleeping!  There is already 6 inches (at least) of wet heavy snow.  The type of snow that would be perfect for building a snow fort or some snowmen.  This snow also just sticks to all the trees and branches...there were a number of branches down while I was walking to work.  In fact, one fell in front of I was sure to walk out from under any trees!

I forgot my real camera, but here are a few shots taken with my blackberry of my morning walk to the T....

The entrance to the Public Garden
The Swan Pond
Commonwealth Ave. Mall
Down Newbury St.
So for those who do not need to leave the comfort and warmth of their houses, I recommend staying put...its pretty crazy out.  Enjoy watching the snow fall knowing you do not have anywhere to be!

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  1. Oh no, and I'm suppose to fly in there Friday morning!! :-(


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