Wednesday, January 19, 2011


A couple of years ago I started seeing trivia nights at various bars in the area, and one time we actually just happened upon a bar that was doing a trivia night.  Turns out, the trivia is called Stump Trivia and is actually this big organized thing that is offered across the city at a variety of bars.  The whole trivia game takes about two hours and they cover all sorts of topics so everyone can contribute...really!

The Score Cards
After going to a couple of different bars, I went to The Living Room with some Junior League girls and had a good time!  The questions were hard, but doable, and of course the food and drink is better than the average bar fare.  Recently, Nick and I and our friends Kacy and Ricky started going on Tuesday nights a bit more regularly.  Most of the time we make sure we are there before 7 (even though trivia starts at 8) because they offer half priced appetizers- such a good deal!  Also, by getting there earlier you can be sure to get a comfy couch area, which only helps the trivia smarts.

I must admit that initally, the reason we kept going back is we actually placed and got a gift certificate towards our next bill!!  If you win you get $25, second gets $15 and third gets $10.  So while not a ton money, still is fun to get it.  The only thing I wish is they would make your winnings applicable for that night - I will still take what I can get.  Also, you can get your picture in their Promotions section...

Highly recommend finding a Stump trivia near you...

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  1. Love this trivia and love The Living Room! Go Nerks! As you can see I have a very Pollyanna outlook... LOL


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