Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My New Obsession - My Kindle

One the big gifts I asked for this year for Christmas was a Kindle.  I am a huge reader that loves to buy books - and no, I do not wait for the paperbacks, I go straight for the hardcover.  Being a fairly quick reader, I have developed quite a collection, which was fine by me.  In my big kid house, I envision having one of those cool library rooms with floor to ceiling shelving that is loaded with books.

However, Nick and I live in a condo with only 576 square feet.  Granted, there is quite a bit of storage for such a small space, but there is a limit to how much you can squeeze in there.  As time has progressed, I seem to be getting creative about shelving for books.  Short of taking over precious closet space, something needed to change.

Enter, The Kindle:

My Kindle!

I was SUPER hesitant about the Kindle.  I love everything there is about books and, in the beginning, refused to believe a Kindle could actually come close to replicating that experience.  Now I have read 2 full books and am in the middle of a third one now.  I waited to post anything about it until I felt like I actually had a real feel for using the device.  Amazingly though, the technology behind the Kindle's pearl ink makes it seem like you are truly reading off the pages of a book.   

While I never thought a book was cumbersome to read, some of the bigger hardcover ones could get heavy and reading on the T could be a bit difficult depending on the size of the book.  The Kindle solves all of these issues, as the device itself is really small and light, much more so than even the iPad.  Also, with the click of a button, you turn the page.  Another great feature is the dictionary, you can look up any word directly from your Kindle.

I actually got the Kindle with the built in 3G.  When I first started looking into this I could not figure out how it worked because it seemed too easy - for $50 more at the time of purchase you will forever have 3G.  Really, it is that easy.  So no matter where I am in the US and the majority of the world, I will be able to buy books straight from my Kindle device.  It helps me avoid the issues I ran into while reading the Hunger Games trilogy - with this, you can download the next book in the series instantaneously!  Also, after a few months, the device will pay for itself because Kindle books are cheaper than buying actual books.

I read a lot of reviews comparing the Kindle to the Nook and to the iPad before asking for the Kindle.  Almost everyone, if not everyone, said that the Kindle was a lot faster and easier to use than the Nook.  The page turning seemed to be the biggest thing between the two.  While you cannot loan books like you can on the Nook, you now have the ability to loan a Kindle book for 14 days.  As far as the iPad goes, while I love the device, it is certainly not as good for reading.  The LCD screen can hurt your eyes after long use and it is just a lot heavier.  However, you can download the Kindle App directly to your iPad, which makes it easy to use both devices!

Another fun, but necessary thing for a Kindle is a Kindle cover.  They really help protect the device and make it easier to hold onto.  I got a great Diane von Furstenberg cover that is a zebra print.

My Kindle Cover
 There are tons more to choose from that make them a fun accessory to shop for!

I would highly recommend this device to anyone who reads!  I mean it is just so easy.  Coming from a book lover like me, that is saying a lot.  I promise you will not miss reading actual books.

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