Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Wonderful Wine at Truett Hurst

We're taking things back to Healdsburg today! Friends of ours were just in Northern California, and their pictures reminded me of just how outstanding that area is. Knowing that we were going to spend a day in Healdsburg on our most recent trip out there, Nick and I both asked friends familiar with the area for recommendations. When we were each separately told to go to Truett Hurst, we immediately added it to our itinerary. Meghan's recommendation and her great blog post on the winery convinced me that I needed to spend some quality time on the red adirondack chairs by the stream.

Tasting Room and Surrounding Gardens

The Wines
Did you know this is how artichokes grew???
Nick enjoying the chairs :)
Views of the stream

Relaxing with a glass of rose
Our $5 tasting (love Healdsburg!) was so lovely. We were able to select any of the 4 wines they had listed (see above). Some of the favorites were the Red Rooster Zinfandel and the Salmon Run Rose. The Red Rooster, with its berry and black pepper notes made for such perfect sips. The Salmon Run Rose had fruitier notes of peach and and strawberries. I think the group got at least one of the Roses to enjoy later that evening back at the house. Both of the couples we were were traveling with have since joined the wine club or are hoping to do so soon - it was that good! If Massachusetts didn't make it so hard to have wine delivered here, we would have as well (tell the Commonwealth you want to Free the Grapes!)

If we didn't have reservations at Jordan that same day, we probably would have never left. If you find yourself at Truett Hurst, I would recommend scheduling a little extra time here. After your tasting, buy an extra glass (or bottle) and just settle in and relax for a totally perfect afternoon.


  1. Love that last picture! Looks super-relaxing and the wines sound right up my alley.

  2. Ahhhh I wish I was back sitting by the river! Great post!

  3. I found your blog through the Truett Hurst Facebook page and just had to pop over here to say that I absolutely agree! This is our favorite winery and whenever we can, we head there for a tasting and even a picnic on the grounds. We are blessed to live in the area, so it is a perfect afternoon get-away for us! If you weren't able to try their Swallowtail Chardonnay, it is a "must try" for your next trip (it's so popular, they were out the last time we were there!) So glad you enjoyed the winery...and the wine!


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