Thursday, June 26, 2014

Alive and Kicking - Lobster Sandwiches

For New Englanders, lobster rolls are serious business. Boston has a few restaurants known for their lobster rolls - like the ones at Neptune Oyster - but those can get pricey and require some waiting time. When friends (from Chicago, no less) recommended Alive and Kicking as some of the best they have ever had, Nick and I knew we had to get over there.

Alive and Kicking is located in Cambridgeport, about a 10 minute walk from Central Square. On one of the first lovely, warm spring days, Nick and I walked over to a seemingly residential area where the fish market/restaurant is tucked away. Outside there are plenty of picnic tables, both out in the sunshine and covered in case of rain or cold weather.

I knew we were going to be ordering the lobster sandwiches, but when I saw the steamers on the menu I knew we'd be getting an order. Thank goodness we did because these were outstanding, and the bowl (for only about $7) was an amazing deal.

The biggest difference that sets Alive and Kicking apart from the competition: rather than serving their lobster in a roll, you actually get it sandwich style.

Lobster Sandwich!
Inside the Lobster Sandwich
I was a bit skeptical, but a lobster sandwich is a great idea! This version is packed full of delicious lobster chunks - definitely no scrimping on the lobster meat here. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed the toasted Italian bread rather than the roll, but it provided a great, unique flavor. While made with mayo, there is only a touch of it to keep the lobster together, so it wasn't overwhelming. Otherwise, there is no other "filler" - only lobster, the way I like it! Served with a bag of Cape Cod potato chips, it was the perfect summery lunch. At $16 this isn't the cheapest sandwich but certainly not as pricey as some of the other options in town - a pretty good deal for the amount of food you get.

I almost don't want to tell anyone about this place - I want it all for myself! If you're craving a traditional summer staple but maybe want to try a little twist, though, check out Alive and Kicking.

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  1. I've heard great things about this place. I'm adding it to my bucket list for this summer!

  2. How have I never heard of this place? I love the idea of a lobster sandwich, though I'm in the hot buttered lobster roll camp so the mayo wouldn't be my ideal, but I still want to try it!

  3. never even heard of this spot. looks like an awesome sandwich

  4. I have passed this place before but have never gone in. I have been craving steamers in a major way, and now I want them even more!

  5. My former co-workers discovered this place and got us all hooked. I live pretty close by but don't go often enough. Glad you reminded me, now I really want a lobster sandwich!

  6. Lobster sandwiches? Now, my stomach is grumbling even though I have already eaten. Alive and Kicking is doing a very fine job in maintaining their brand and strengthening all their meals enough to leave a very strong impression. And what couldn't leave a stronger impression than that kind of killer combination? Thanks for this heads-up. I'll certainly grab some when I go to Boston.

    Crystal Carson @ Tacky Jacks


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