Thursday, June 5, 2014

Mei Mei - Double Awesome!

Since I work over in Brookline Village I don't get to experience the local food trucks too often. So, when we found out that a Boston favorite, Mei Mei Street Kitchen, was going brick-and-mortar nearby my coworkers and I immediately scheduled a lunch meeting to check it out!

All the of the food at Mei Mei is locally sourced, so many pieces of the menu change daily, though you usually can count on a few items. Going in, our group knew that we wanted to sample the dumplings AND the fritters because we just couldn't choose between the two.


I am so happy we got both because the hand rolled dumplings (filled on this occasion with pork) were outstanding. I loved how crispy the outside was, which added wonderful flavor and texture to the dish. The fritters we the best combination of sweet (from the corn) and spicy (from the generous use of Sriracha).

Ever since I first heard of Mei Mei, I knew I needed the Double Awesome in my life.  What's not to love about a scallion pancake sandwich with a local greens pesto, cheddar, and the two most perfectly poached/griddled eggs? I also added bacon to mine...because why not! Why isn't everyone making sandwiches with scallion pancakes?!

The Double Awesome
Inside the Double Awesome
This was one of the best things I have ever eaten. I was happy I was sitting down with plenty of napkins within my reach because it's a bit messy, but so worth it. It really is as amazing as you would think something like this could be and totally worthy of its name! If you find yourself anywhere near the Mei Mei truck or the new storefront, you must go immediately and order the Double Awesome. You can thank me later.

Mei Mei Street Kitchen restaurant for a perfect lunch destination. Based on the expanded dinner menu, I am sure its worth an evening trip as well. I can't wait to experience some other dishes, though it will be mighty tough for me NOT to order the Double Awesome!

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  1. That double awesome sounds amazing right now...especially since I'm seeking breakfast! Good choice!

  2. whoa! looks amazing. not sure how I still haven't been to this food truck!!! It's on my list

  3. I've sadly never been to Mei Mei, but I've drooled over photos of the Double Awesome more than once (your photos included). I NEED to get myself here!

  4. I suddenly have a scallion pancake craving! Everything looks awesome!

  5. You're making me want to head to Boston ASAP to try this place!

  6. I have been dying to check out Mei Mei! It looks worth the trip.


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