Tuesday, June 10, 2014

State Park - A Total Throwback

It's no secret that Kendall Square has become a major food destination in the last couple of years. With all the fantastic new restaurants over there, I find myself drawn to it more and more. Most recently, Nick and I decided to have a classic date night - dinner and a movie, but in reverse order. After enjoying a film at the Kendall Square Cinema, we wandered over to State Park, the new restaurant from the group behind one of my favorites, Hungry Mother. Where Hungry Mother is classic Southern Food in a refined atmosphere, State Park is like walking into your best friend's basement in 1984, complete with the pine paneled walls and decor pulled directly from your childhood - it's a total throwback!


When we arrived, the hostess (who, along with the servers are identified by pins they wear) informed us that there was quite a wait, but we decided to grab a couple of beers and then settle at one of the many ledges set up around the pool table area complete with hooks for purses and jackets (it's little details like this that make me a very happy customer!) The beer list is extensive, with selections from Genny Cream and Notch to imports not found at many other places.

Onion Strings
When it came time to sit and order, we went with a bit of a sampling of the menu since we are terrible at making decisions. After seeing the side of onion strings pass us while waiting, we ordered these almost immediately. Perfectly spiced and totally indulgent, I could not get enough. These were served up in a classic ash try like one my grandmother used to have, which cracked me up.

Never one to be able to resist a bratwurst, I definitely wanted to give theirs a try. Paired with a spicy mustard, I was hooked.

For main courses Nick went with the fried pork chop sandwich based on the recommendation from the server (he was debating between a few options - did I mention we have trouble making decisions?) The pork chop was pretty outstanding: moist but crispy and topped off with a slaw, every bite had tons of flavor.

Fried Pork Chop Sandwich
I went with the fried chicken. It's not something I order often, but I figured"when in Rome!" The batter was super tasty and had a great crisp to it. Inside, the chicken was tender and juicy. I was so full, but I could not stop eating!

Fried Chicken
While we were stuffed, when our server mentioned that the pie was of the deep fried apple variety, we knew were needed to at least try it. Naturally, we also opted for the generous helping of whipped cream the server offered tableside (I mean, it would have been rude to decline!) This really was the perfect cap to the meal. Deep fried pie, why have I never thought of this?!

Deep Fried Apple Pie
State Park is definitely a great spot to hang out with a group of friends for drinks or dinner or both. The atmosphere is totally fun and welcoming, and you will feel transported back to your childhood in the best possible way.

What are your favorite places in Kendall these days?

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  1. Kendall Square became such a foodie area right after I left Boston! Which I will always be sad about. Adding State Park to my must go list for the next time i visit!

  2. I love onion strings... and that pork chop sandwich looks amazing. Too bad I don't work in Kendall Square anymore... so much good stuff. I think the Blue Room might still be my favorite over there, but I definitely want to check out State Park.

  3. I LOVE when restaurants and bars have purse hooks! That alone seriously makes me a repeat customer, haha.

  4. I went to State Park for a going away party. It is such a fun spot!


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