Monday, April 29, 2013

Shake Shack - New York Burgers in the 'Burbs

Shake Shack is a burger joint that conjures up delicious memories for many people.  Found originally in New York, tourists and city dwellers alike flocked to its various locations to indulge in the burgers and shakes.  When rumors started to spread that Shake Shack was moving to the Boston area people got excited.  When the rumors were confirmed and the doors of the Chestnut Hill location opened, there were lines of people willing to wait over an hour to taste what Shake Shack had to offer.

Single Shake Shack Burger

While Chestnut Hill is a car ride from the city, its only a quick trip from my office.  So when my co-workers wanted to see what Shake Shack was all about, I was super excited for the lunch trip!  Even though we got there a bit later there was still a line, but we still managed to grab a table for 6 and only had to wait about 15 mins to order.  I of course got the burger, with the special sauce, fries and a shake - when in Rome.

The burger was definitely yummy, with its 100% all natural angus beef cooked medium, sauce and fresh toppings.  I was surprised that the burger did seem to have a temperature - pinkish middle.  While I am not a mayo person, the sauce was a nice addition.  It definitely had a spicy horseradish kick to it, which I totally loved.  However, compared to other burger joints like Five Guys and U Burger there were no other toppings to add to the burger.  Not being a fan of tomatoes and other traditional items, I wish there were other things to top off the burger with.

The fries did leave me wanting - a bit boring, though the cheese sauce does make these a bit more interesting.  I would skip the fries and leave room for the shakes!  They were so good that I want to go back for one of their Concretes: frozen custard blended with a choice of mix-ins!

Chocolate Shake
Overall I really enjoyed Shake Shake.  However, I must say I would not make a special trip out to Chestnut Hill for one of their burgers.  If I was out in the area and there wasn't much of a line, I would definitely stop in.

When they opened originally in 2004 there wasn't as much competition in the yummy, cheap burger area.  Now that there are other people looking at perfecting the cheaper burger joint, Shake Shack has to be on top of their game.

Have you been to Shake Shack?  What's your favorite Burger Joint?

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  1. As you know, I waited in line 45 minutes to try it. Like you, I'd be happy if I could just pop in and grab a burger there now and then, but it's tough justifying the wait. The concrete I had was awesome, so definitely go back for one. And my fries were really good (they looked a little different from yours), so maybe they were having an off afternoon with those.

  2. ooh, there's a shorter line for the concrete, right? perhaps just a trip for that ;)

  3. I went to Shake Shack last weekend, and I think they put something addictive in the food. I seriously have been craving it since I left!

  4. Mmmm I am now craving a cheeseburger and shake!


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