Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Pho Pasteur - Vietnamese Pho

After seeing a movie over on Tremont Street downtown, Nick and I were looking for a quick bite to eat.  Since we regularly go to jm Curley after a movie, we decided to expand our horizons and try our luck in Chinatown (and something beyond Gourmet Dumpling House, even though it's delicious!)  After wandering around a bit we happened upon Pho Pasteur, a traditional Vietnamese restaurant that we had heard about a few times before.  This seemed like the perfect time to give it a shot.

Pho Pasteur
Even though it was 10PM the place was busy, but we were sat straight away and started to review the lengthy menu.  To begin we ordered some fresh chicken spring rolls with lettuce, basil and vermicelli served with a peanut hoisin sauce.   These were so light tasting, and the hoisin sauce was so much better than I have had in ages - I definitely need to learn how to make this, since store bought just isn't this good!

Spring Roll Serving
Inside the Spring Roll
For our main course we made some decisions based on the available Foursquare tips.  We needed a little guidance because this menu has a variety of items, many that we were not familiar with or too afraid to try (i.e. tendon and tripe)!  Since I have never really had vietnamese food, I started pretty basic and ordered the Number 27: bamboo shoot vermicelli soup with shredded chicken.  When it arrived I was excited that the bamboo shoots were not the jarred variety I was familiar with and definitely a bit more authentic.  Before eating, I added some of the lime juice and sprouts set out on our table.  The results were pretty delicious!  The broth was flavorful and all of the components offered a fun bite with the differing textures.  My first experience with pho was a great one.

Number 27
Nick was a bit more adventuresome in going with Number 20: pho with rare steak and brisket.  The flavor in this pho was delicious and the rare steak was definitely thin and rare.  The brisket, however, was a bit fatty and the texture was odd.  Next time I would just do the rare steak.

Number 20
This pho experience is just another reason why we need to explore Chinatown more often.  There are so many hidden gems tucked into the neighborhood.  Pho is something I would love to try making at home - getting the flavor as rich as Pho Pasteur may be tough, though!

Have you had pho?  Have you made pho?

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  1. Since I now work right near Chinatown, I have been out exploring the food scene there quite a bit! I loved the pho at xinh xihn, the sushi at Avana, and dim sum from Hai La Moon. I need to try this place and Gourmet Dumpling House next!

    1. Dim Sum - haven't been in Chinatown yet - will have to try Hai La Moon!

  2. Sadly, I have never tried Pho, although I live spitting distance from Pho 'n Rice in Somerville.

  3. My husband is a big Pho fan and we used to go to Pho Pasteur in Allston and Cambridge all the time. I thought all locations had turned into Le's (which is also a yummy chain) but apparently I was mistaken!

  4. I've never had Pho! So fun to stumble upon a great little spot like this.

  5. I absolutely love Pho and don't eat it enough! I've thought about trying to make it, but I don't know if my broth would be as good as you can get in a restaurant. I need to try this place next time I venture to Chinatown.

  6. I love Pho. It's a great comfort food!

  7. pho is definitely something on my to-try list, have never had it!

  8. I love Pho and I'm lucky to live so near Le's in Harvard Square. I always get the one with all the beef! hehe


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