Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Antelope Island - Wilderness in Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City, as the name implies, is right next to the Great Salt Lake, an odd lake in that it is filled with salt water.  Along the north side of the lake is Antelope_Island, a small National Park that is only accessible by a causeway and is home to herds of bison, antelope and coyotes.  When we got there I thought the only bison I would see would be the plastic one in the photo below - how wrong I was!  The ground was completely snow covered and a similar color to the snow and the rocks, making it a bit difficult to spot the animals, but we found them.  I will say, our friend Noah had a telescopic lens and his photos are light years better, but for now you are stuck with mine!

Welcome to Antelope Island

Ground Birds
Coyote at the top of the hill
Buffalo taking a nap in the snow...
A look at the Salt Lake

Mountains of Antelope Island

As were driving around, we would stop every time a car was pulled over to see what they were looking at so we wouldn't miss anything.  At one stop we were about to pull away when we saw a couple of coyotes frolicking in the snow - so cute and so close!

Lone Buffalo
Loan buffalo with the lake in the background...
Antelope Island is a MUST visit - so many amazing sites and animals to see on the island.  The views alone are worth the trip.  I seriously thought we would be lucky to see anything at all but at every turn there was something new.  It is such a cool place to have in the middle of a lake.

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