Thursday, May 26, 2011

Five Guys! Seriously good burgers...

Last night Nick and I headed up to the North Shore for some wedding cake tasting (more on that later!).  On our way home we decided we needed a little salt to balance out all the sweet, so we finally decided hit up the new(ish) Five Guys in Saugus on Route 1 South near the Square One Mall.  Nick was the one who introduced me to Five Guys as he had it when he lived in Washington, DC.  Slowly Five Guys has made their way towards New England.  I think we are so close to getting one downtown, but for now it is probably safer to have it a drive away - I do have a wedding dress to fit into!

Something you really should know before ordering is that the regular burgers actually come with 2 patties!  A little burger or a junior only has the one patty, but its plenty for me.  Like U Burger, Five Guys offers a number of toppings to their burgers for you to choose from. 

My Burger
I went with a little cheeseburger topped with grilled onions, grilled mushrooms, lettuce and ketchup.  As always, the burger was delicious.  It's a tasty treat with loads of flavors, and the hand formed patty cooked on a flat top has just enough greasiness to hit the spot.  The onions and the mushrooms were well grilled and added a nice texture and taste to each bite.  The roll was a bit smushed, but really it did not effect the taste at all.

Nick also went the little burger (we did just eat a bunch of cake!) but also added some pickles, tomatoes, lettuce, grilled onions and mushrooms, and some A1 sauce. 
Nick's Burger
Even with the smushed bun, the burger was delicious.  While the burgers are fantastic, the fries at Five Guys are another reason to stop it.  They are all hand-cut, and a sign on the wall tells you where the potatoes came from that day.  Even when you order a regular, they basically fill the cup, put it along with the burgers in the bag, and then scoop another whole bunch of the fries into the bag as well!  There is definitely no shortage.

The fries are really well cooked and have just enough combination of crunch on the outside and warm potato on the inside.  The seasoning adds just enough to nicely flavor everything.

I really love Five Guys, and its definitely my favorite fast food burger - just enough grease combined with loads of goodness!

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  1. I don't like the fries at all, but I love the burgers! I kind of like that though because I'm never tempted to order the fries. I am all about the little bacon cheeseburger with ketchup, mustard, pickles, and grilled onions!

  2. that cheeseburger with the grilled onions and grilled mushrooms look really good.

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