Monday, May 16, 2011

Craigie on Main Burger with a trip to Toscaini's

If you are at all into burgers and you read any Boston-based food articles, then you have probably read the accolades of Craigie On Main in general (Tony Mays is a recent James Beard Award winner!) and their burger in particular.  In case that press wasn't enough, during the "chat" with Anthony Bourdain and Eric Ripert, they said that was the place they wanted to try on their trip to Boston.  According to the "New York foodie mafia," it is THE place to go.  On our first trip to Craigie we sat in the dining room (where they actually don't serve the burger at dinner) and had an amazing meal - still the best octopus I have ever eaten.

Since then we have been wanting to go back for the burger but just had not found the time.  Randomly on Friday night we check out whether it was something that was served on their brunch menu and when we found out it was, we had our Sunday brunch plans.

The Burger

The burger became so famous that the number of orders just about doubled.  Not being able to keep up with the beef supply necessary the restaurant attempted to try a new supplier of the grass fed beef, but they just were not as happy.  So now, they serve the burger until they run out (about 20 or so).  Getting there around 12:30 for bunch we weren't too worried.

We decided to sit at the bar for a change of scenery, which had a few chairs available but filled up quickly.  The restaurant was pretty full for a rainy Sunday during a bigger graduation weekend.  Nick ordered a spicy Bloody Mary...look at all the horseradish!

A Bloody
I went with an Italian Greyhound, which is a combination of punt e mes (a dark vermouth) and grapefruit juice.  

Italian Greyhound
This drink was a nice way to start off brunch - a different flavor that wasn't too sweet and more fun than the traditional vodka greyhound I usually have. 

Needless to say both Nick and I ordered the burger.  I got mine with thick bacon (picture above) and Nick added the fried egg.  The burger is made with local grass fed beef, Shelburne Farm Cheddar and a house-made bun.

Fried Egg Burger

This burger itself was one of the best burgers and was perfectly cooked.  The meat was so tasty - beyond anything else I have had, ever.  The burger lived up to each one of fantastic reviews I read.  I am not sure how much seasoning they actually had to use - I think the taste really comes from the three different types of meat they use to make their ground beef.  Overall, it was unbelievable.

The burger came with thick steak fries and mixed greens as well a a trio of mace ketchup, house-made red wine pickles and celery root slaw.

While not really needed because the burger itself was such a standout, the fries and salad were both delicious.  The steak cut fries were such a nice change from the thin cut fries what we have been having lately.  They had a bit of crunch on the outside and were tender on the inside - making a great bite.  Topping the fry off with the mace ketchup was the perfect finish, adding a bit more spice than regular ketchup.

Being in Central Square, we could not just walk by Toscanini's without going in for a bit of ice cream.  Toscanini's is know for their homemade, crazy-flavored ice creams.  They also serve coffee, breakfast pastries, and sandwiches, but we went straight for the ice cream.

I went traditional and totally new - a scoop of Belgian Chocolate and a scoop of Burnt Caramel.

Burnt Caramel and Belgium Chocolate
The Chocolate had a deep, rich flavor and the Burnt Caramel had such a distinct flavor - really like burnt caramel.  It was such a neat flavor that I really could not get enough of.

Nick tried samples of Lemon Espresso and Wort (what you have before you make official beer) before deciding on Salted Saffron and Vienna Finger ice cream. 

Salted Saffron and Vienna Fingers
The Salted Saffron had a soft honey-like flavor, and the Vienna Finger had the great familiar taste of the cookies.  Both were tasty and the perfect way to top off our lunch.

In general, you need to try Craigie on Main - if you get the opportunity to try the burger, you must!

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  1. I don't even eat burgers but they look fantastic, the steak fries too. Also, I LOVE the vienna finger ice cream at Tosci. The perfect followup to a meal at Cragie.

  2. I really like Craigie. I must get back to try the burger one of these days!!

  3. Love Craigie! That's definitely the best burger in Boston, in my opinion. I like their brunch options. And ending a meal with Toscanini's is always a great thing!

  4. I still haven't eaten at Cragie! I've just been for drinks so far. I really need to get in there for the burger and so much more!


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