Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Green Street Grill, Central Square Cambridge

It had been far too long since G and I had met up, and there was much to much to catch up on.  As always, G inspires me to cross the river and check out places that might otherwise take me a while to get to.  Among her suggestions was Green Street Grill in Central Square.  When I saw that one I jumped on it because it had just popped up on Food and Wine's best burgers in the US, a list my brother had just sent me (of course!).  This was a decision made easy - perfect!

Green Street Grill is tucked away in a small brick building behind the main drag of Central Square.  I was a bit late for our Thursday reservation, but they still were able to seat us.  When we first walked into the bar area I thought the place was small (and busy), however they brought us upstairs to a whole other level with plenty of seating.

We were sat at a table for two, and due to the weeks we were both having we immediately started to peruse the cocktail list.  With plenty of yummy combinations to choose from we finally decided upon the Division Bell and the Skipaway for a first round.  While the Skipaway was not the strongest of drinks, the Division Bell was delicious with a complex depth to each sip.

Division Bell

I looked over the rest of the menu, and while it may not be extensive they do offer a nice variety.  Obviously, though, I already I knew what I was getting - the burger.  The Bacon Double Cheeseburger is made with all beef patties, smoked bacon, Cheddar cheese and a Russian dressing on the side.  At a price point of $11 this is one of the cheaper burgers in Boston/Cambridge.  The burger was juicy and tender.  I thought with two patties I would be completely overwhelmed, but this was a doable burger since each patty was on the thinner side.  Overall, this was simple and delicious.  Instead of fries, the burger is served with homemade chips, which were a delicious golden brown.

Bacon Double Cheeseburger!
While I was chowing down on my burger, G was enjoying her Steelhead Trout dish with kale, spring dug parsnip puree, wild mushrooms and a green garlic aioli.  This was beautifully presented with a great combination of flavors form the puree and aioli.  The trout was well cooked and moist.

Steelhead Trout 
Green Street Grill is a great Central Square neighborhood restaurant with some yummy options at a good price point.  Best burger in the US?  That I am not sure of - it's definitely tasty and juicy, but I'm not sure it compares to Craigie's down the street.  Green Street is, however, a great place to get together with friends over a drink, that is for sure!

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  1. I love the Skipaway. Looks awesome. Thanks for the post.
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  2. Great review! I do love Green Street - but haven't tried the burger yet. Next time! You should go back sometime when they do taco night at the bar... SO good!

  3. I have never eaten at Green Street, but I used to love going dancing there when I first moved to Boston!

  4. I went to Green Street years ago for drinks, their food looks quite good! Especially that fish dish.

  5. I love the atmosphere in there... I feel like I had mac and cheese or something like that when I went... but I haven't been in a while.

  6. Yes, this is a great place in Central Square. The burger sounds delicious. I had to try the Mac and Cheese when I was there last month and it was really good. I'll have to go back and try the burger!

  7. I have always wanted to go here! someday. I just had an awesome burger at The Warren Tavern (but didn't get to photograph it as I was dealing with a couch delivery situation!)

  8. I've never been here, but I live close to Central Square...I'll have to check it out!

  9. I absolutely love the drinks at Green Street! I've been meaning to go back for a proper meal.


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