Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Silvertone Bar and Grill!

Hidden in between the top of the Boston Common and the Financial District, and down beneath street level lies the unique, delicious and cheap (!) Silvertone Bar & Grill.  I cannot recall the first time I actually found Silvertone - I believe I followed a friend there (when visiting the city before I lived here) and felt like we found the promised land.  It was late night, we ordered a grilled cheese, and for years afterwards I remember it being the best grilled cheese ever!  I have gone back plenty of times to confirm, that, yes it really is one of the BEST grilled cheeses.

After I moved to the city, it definitely became a great destination.  However, it being pretty small you have to get there early because the wait time can build up quickly (although the tables turn over quickly.)  This is my destination before heading down the street to the movies or when in need of a delicious after-work drink.  When I walk through the door, I am already thinking "grilled cheese or mac and cheese?" because both are so delicious!

Sorry for the dark photo of the grilled cheese!

The last time I went to Silvertone I met my friend G there before seeing the Hunger Games.  On a random Tuesday right after work I was able to snag 2 seats at the bar.  The bartenders are super friendly and know their regulars well, picking up conversations and willing to make up anything you are in the mood for.  As I was taking the T from work, I decided I was in a grilled cheese type of mood.  I am not sure if its the generous amount of melted cheese or the golden brown country white bread fried up perfectly on the griddle, but this sandwich comes out amazing every time.  The french fries accompanying the sandwich complete this comforting dish.

G went with the veggie burger with sautéed onions, Swiss cheese and sweet potato fries.  As with everything on this menu, the veggie burger was another solid choice - Silvertone offers good food done well.

Veggie Burger
The kicker with Silvertone is the prices - with the grilled cheese at $6 and the veggie burger $9, it's really hard to find price points like that anywhere else in the city.  All in all, Silvertone is totally worth a visit if you haven't been and, if you have, its time for a return trip.

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  1. Silvertone has some great food. I also really love their cocktails.

  2. Silvertone never dissapoints! always a good time and good food to be had here.

  3. I've heard great things about their mac and cheese. I went there once for an informal meeting but didn't get a chance to really try the food. That grilled cheese sounds great

  4. Silvertone's is one of my all time favorite spots ever! Yay for cheap good food!

  5. This bar has some of the greatest mac n cheese. Love it!

  6. That food sounds like a steal, especially for the quality! I've never even heard of it but I'll have to check it out.

  7. Those prices are incredible. I've been a couple times, but it sounds like I need to head back for grilled cheese.

  8. I've been going to Silvertone's since they first opened, back before comfort food was on anyone's radar. They basically introduced Boston to the legendary Cosmopolitan Martini too. I have only dim memories of that particular New Years Eve party there. Other bargain spots hidden nearby include JM Curley's and Barracuda Tavern, a special favorite cuz they're open till 2am in a town which drifts off to dreamland at around 9pm or so.


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