Friday, June 8, 2012

Mellow Mushroom - Fun Pizza!

When we travel I don't always plan on blogging the restaurants we go to.  Sometimes, though, it's just too hard to resist when the food comes to the table!  This was exactly the case when we hit Mellow Mushroom for our Saturday night dinner in Charlotte.  My brother sold it as a pizza place that had a good bar nearby.  When we walked in, it felt like Woodstock in the 60's, complete with the tie-dye decor and atmosphere, but when I looked at the pizza menu I got excited!

My eye was immediately drawn to the Magical Mystery Tour pizza with its pesto base, button and portobello mushrooms, Mozzarella, spinach and feta, all topped off with jalapeños.  Before I even spoke up my brother recommended this pizza, so I was sold.

Magical Mystery Tour Pizza

Nick loves Hawaiian pizza, however, I hate pineapple (crazy, I know!) so we never order them.  Since Reed is also a Hawaiian fan, it was a must order.

Hawaiian Pizza
Both pizzas came out with a good looking crust that was not totally thick but definitely more than thin.  Even better, the crust had the dark and crispy bits on it - my type of perfectly cooked.  We ordered small, 10" pizzas, which at 4 slices each was the perfect amount to share.  Toppings wise, I loved the Magical Mystery Tour - the added spice of the jalapeños added a great spicy heat to each bite (they weren't conservative in that topping!).  I also thought the pesto base worked so well, I think a red sauce would have overpowered what made this pizza special.

Oh, and the Hawaiian was good, but I cannot really speak from experience ;)

To offset the beer and pizza, I supplemented my meal with a Cesare salad, pretty standard, but the greens were a nice fresh contrast to a lot of the other food I had rest of the weekend!

I wasn't planning on blogging this meal, but the Magical Mystery Tour pizza was really something new and different.  I could not resist.  The combination of toppings was inventive and fun, and combined with the delicious crust made for great pizzas.

Mellow Mushroom definitely offers something different in the crowded pizza world!

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  1. I'd love that pizza topped with tons of jalapenos! yum!

  2. Jalapeños are one of my favorite pizza toppings. Looks so good!

  3. I would have loved the Hawaiian pizza!

  4. I would be all over that mushroom pizza with tons of jalapenos! Yum!

  5. Pesto and all those cheeses sound wonderful. And I love the fun name.

  6. I love love love jalapenos on pizza. That combination sounds amazing!

  7. If you pick the mushies you might end up on a magic ride full of purple swirls :-)

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