Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Villa Mexico - the "Gas Station Burrito Place!"

I have lived in Beacon Hill for over five years now and sadly only just experienced the amazingness that is Villa Mexico - AKA, the gas station burrito place!  Up until this night I only heard the rumors of how delicious the burritos were.  I had been many other Boston burrito places and while some are better than others, I really did not think Villa Mexico could be that different.

Burrito and Dia de los Muertos Bread
Villa Mexico is located right at the gas station on the corner of Cambridge and Grove Streets.  When I first moved to the area and saw the sign, I thought it was pointing out a restaurant that was behind the fence, but I quickly learned the truth.  On this night, Nick and I decided to walk down to grab some burritos because with all the rumors of the gas station building being re-purposed, I wanted to try out this burrito (just in case).

The Menu
Seriously in a gas station...
Nick and I placed our orders for two burritos, I went with the carnitas burrito (with their own slow cooked pork) and Nick had the Mole Poblano, which has shredded chicken breast with traditional Mexican mole sauce.  After assembling the burritos, they then allow them to cook on multiple sides on a griddle making a nice crispy outside.  While we were waiting, we were staring at the authentic Dia de los Muertos bread and could only resist so long, so of course those were put in the bag to come home with us.  Once the burritos were ready, we headed back ready to indulge.

Sorry to show you our half eaten burritos, but it really was the only good way to show you the deliciousness inside!  I could not believe how unbelievable this burrito was.  The flavors were so much better than anything I had tasted before.

Mole Poblano
While speaking to the owner of Villa Mexico at the cash register, she was explaining how they were looking for a new location in Beacon Hill.  She has found a great spot right around the corner on Grove Street, and the artist renderings of the new shop look fantastic.  However, as people familiar with Beacon Hill know, finding a space is only half the battle, and getting the permits to do what you want is tough!  Because the new storefront isn't zoned for take-out, Villa Mexico has a petition to sign in support of this move so if you are heading over to get a burrito fix, you should sign!  More details on the move can be found on  They've also started a Kickstarter page to help raise some money for these efforts.  If you like seriously good food, head on over!

Regardless, if you have not been to Villa Mexico you need to head over immediately - its really that good!

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  1. Haha, I love hearing about this place! I've walked by the gas station many times and it's so unassuming. One of these days, I'll grab a burrito!

  2. yep, definitely need to go here!

  3. I've heard of this place but still haven't gone. There's a gas station near my office too and they make the best subs (it's called the Boathouse) - love discovering places like these!

  4. Villa Mexico is the greatest ever- thank you for this write up- I think I NEED to head back before they close down...

  5. How fun! I've never been here but you've convinced me. Sounds so intriguing!

  6. I've heard about this place!! I so have to try it

  7. What an unlucky spot for such a delicious-looking burrito!


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