Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Gallows

The Gallows is one of those restaurants that has been on our ever growing "list" for a while now.  When Boston Magazine listed The Gallows as one of the top restaurants in the area, it finally reminded me that I needed to go!  So that Tuesday, Nick and I headed over to check it out after work.

When I arrived, Nick was already sitting at a snug little booth sipping on a pumpkin beer, but the pumpkin martini on the cocktail list caught my eye!  This was delicious because it was not creamy but instead just had a good pumpkin spice flavor.

Pumpkin Martini
Inside, the Gallows is rustic and warm with its slatted wood ceiling and interesting lighting fixtures.

Inside The Gallows
We had to strategize a bit when ordering because there were so many good looking items on the menu.  Finally, after deciding to save the poutine for the next trip we ordered the lobster fritters for an appetizers.  The moment they were put down in front of us I knew we made a good decision.

Lobster Fritters
They were so light and fluffy, the perfect texture for a fritter.  The Asian inspired hoisin dipping sauce that accompanied the fritters was the perfect complement - seriously, it looked like we licked the plate!  We both personally felt that there wasn't a very overwhelming lobster flavor, but these were still a great kick-off to our meal.

Fluffy Fritter
The Gallows had a pretty good looking burger menu, and never being ones to pass up a delicious burger, we went that route.  Nick got the Johnny Appleseed, which has an heirloom apple chutney, smoked Cheddar and mustard greens.  The chutney was not too sweet and a nice change-up from ketchup or mustard.  The smokey flavor of the Cheddar worked well with the slight sweetness of the chutney.

Johnny Appleseed
I went with the Carpet Burger, which was topped with fried oysters, remoulade, american cheese and iceberg lettuce.  I have decided all burgers need oysters on them - the salty brine makes it so delicious!  I normally don't do creamy remoulade's but this one worked since it wasn't too heavy.

The Carpet Burger
The burgers here, I think, are cooked on a griddle, and the result is the perfect comforting sandwhich with just the right amount of greasiness.  I think these would be perfect on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon after a long night out!

While we did not order dessert, our server brought over the cutest little soft serve cones.  These were just enough sweetness to leave us completely satisfied after out big meal.

Soft Serve Cone
The Gallows had a great combination of ambiance, food and drink.  The restaurant provides a welcoming place to get together with friends over great food at a good price point.  The warm atmosphere makes it a go-to place on the approaching chilly nights.

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  1. we tried to go a few wednesday's ago but they were closed for a private party! such a bummer, everything looks amazing!

  2. The gallows is definitely a solid spot! I've been there once or twice and enjoyed :) I remember the veggie poutine being a nice twist! (don't like the traditional one)

  3. That pumpkin martini sounds awesome - love that it wasn't too creamy. I had the burger there months ago and didn't love it, but it sounds like they've expanded their offerings and that I should head back!

  4. I have only been here for an event, but we always mean to return. That pumpkin martini sounds delish!

  5. I only had the burger during the Boston Food Bloggers launch party there, but I thought it was really good. And those lobster fritters make a trip over there sound worthwhile!


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