Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Brahmin

Recently I have had a couple of girls nights, and most of the time I get to select the location (being the blogger and all) but I still find the task a bit daunting.  On this night, however, I was excited to do so because I had been looking forward to going to The Brahmin, so I figured this would be the perfect time!  The term "Boston Brahmin" goes way back and basically describes the old Yankee families (those with lots of money but don't really show it "old money") who have relatives that fought in the Revolution and qualify for the DAR.

On a Wednesday, I met A and M over on Stanhope Street (the new "it" place to be) at the former 33 space, the top floor of which has been dramatically redone.  The main floor has a large bar area that is surrounded by comfy leather couches and brick walls.  The decorating does make you feel like you have entered an old brownstone - but with a twist.

The Front Door
As I was running a bit late, A and M had grabbed some bar stools and ordered some fun cocktails.  M went with the cucumber and vanilla cosmo and she was kind enough to get a photo because it was so good, she was not sure if the glass would have any left by the time I arrived!  The cosmo had Crop Cucumber Organic Vodka, Stoli Vanil, white cranberry and fresh squeezed lime.  I love the combination of cucumber and vodka - so fresh.

Cucumber and Vanilla Cosmo
A ordered the Older Sister, which has Ketel One Citroen, pomegranate liquor, a splash of cranberry and Sprite.  She thought this was tasty, but a bit sweet - swapping some tonic for Sprite might be a good option.

The Older Sister
Being on a bit of a sangria kick (I swear it's because more places seem to offering it!) I had the red sangria and was pleasantly surprised by the good flavor.  They seemed to nail the wine:bubble:juice ratio, which a lot of people cannot seem to get. 

Red Sangria
With lots of yummy looking small plates on the menu, the three of us decided to split a variety of things.  Lucky for us, we had a great server who timed the meal perfectly.  The first to arrive at the table was tater tots with a trio of sauces: truffled ketchup, garlic aioli and a grainy mustard.  The tater tots were good - nothing special, but the truffled ketchup was delicious!  I really would have eaten anything to help get the truffled ketchup to my mouth!

Trio of Sauces
Tater Tots!
The bathrooms at The Brahmin are downstairs, which may throw you off a bit on your first trip because the stairs could be out of Alice in Wonderland - the walls are on an angle, which totally threw me off a bit!

Bar Area and the Tricky Stairs
Cocktail Seating Area
After a little fried food, we decided on some healthier items.  The first being the grilled asparagus wrapped in Serrano ham and a lemon aioli.  I thought it was visually interesting with the white asparagus and the charred bits - I could not wait to dive in.  The flavor combination was great!  A did not really like the charred flavor and texture, but I thought it made for a nice smokey flavor that set the dish apart from the norm.

Grilled Asparagus
Next to arrive was a raw salmon dish over cucumber that had an oil drizzle.  The salmon was  fresh and combined especially well with the crunch of the cucumber.  While the price point was not very high - the dish was fairly small.

Salmon Dish
Switching back to the comfort food, we ordered the truffled Mac and Cheese.  This could have used some more truffle (which is a bit hard to believe considering how strong truffle flavor is).  The top had a nice crunch to it.

Truffled Mac and Cheese
For the next round of drinks, I went with the Brahmin Blueberry Lemonade with Stoli Blueberry Vodka, fresh lemonade and tonic.  I really enjoyed this drink - nice and refreshing.  The floating blueberries were a great finish.  I totally went digging for them at the end...

Brahmin Blueberry Lemonade
This drink may have been a Moscow Mule, but I honestly don't know.  But between this Mason Jar and the whimsy glass above, it makes each drink a fun surprise.

Finally, we had the roasted portobello mushroom flatbread, topped with goat cheese, caramelized leeks, and a sundried tomato pesto.  This pizza had a nice topping combination - good textures and strong components that held up against each other, but the dough/crust was a bit greasy.

Finally, I decided on a glass of Prosecco, which is the perfect way to start or finish a meal - or actually anytime.  Loved the strawberry garnish.

Some Bubbles
When the check came it was actually tucked in an old leather book, completing the Boston Brahmin feel.

Check Please!
The Brahmin offered a number of good dishes at a reasonable price point so that the three of us walked out without having spent loads of money.  While the food was good, really the drinks shine here.  I would defintely go back again to try more of the cocktails from the Brahmin's extensive cocktail list.  Good thing there is plenty of lounging room to settle in for a couple.

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  1. AH! Not enough truffle in ANYTHING that claims "Truffle" SERIOUSLY irks me! I had a really pleasant experience there a few weeks ago- was shocked that their food was as good as it was

  2. you ladies did a number on that cocktail menu! any cocktail with sprite turns me off but other than that, they all sound amazing!

  3. I would like to try everything you ordered! I heard that the Brahmin is a nice place for girls' night, I definitely want to check it out soon!

  4. It sounds so good and definitely makes me want to give it a try.

  5. I'm loving the cocktail and plate selections. Bianca, let's go check it out soon!

  6. Love all the cocktails your ordered. I went there a couple months ago and had some of the same dishes but was super bummed about my cocktail being really weak. I should go back and try some of these drinks!

  7. Love that truffle ketchup and I want to go back and try that flatbread. Looks great! (besides the greasiness)

  8. I agree with everyone comments, great cocktail selection!! Especially the first one, vanilla sounds like a great twist on a cosmo. And I am a strong believe that everything is better served in a mason jar!


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