Thursday, December 12, 2013

Scribe - Swinging in Sonoma (not THAT kind of swinging!)

Switching gears a bit, we are heading back to September when Nick and I were in California Wine Country. After a great first afternoon it was time to settle into the house we rented through Home Away, have some dinner, enjoy catching up with the two other couples we were traveling with and get ready for the rest of the vacation. A few months beforehand when planning for the trip we decided that each couple would be responsible for planning all the parts of an entire day: breakfast, lunch, dinner and all the wineries in between. This way our friends, who were members of various wine clubs in the area, could make sure to hit up their favorite spots as well as other places on their lists without us all tripping over each other in the planning process. Don't worry, we had a shared Google document to update each other on the plans so there was no overlap - I know you were concerned!

What's not to love about a swing!

After a fun evening we woke up to start our tasting. First up was Scribe Winery. Our friends B and N are members there and were eager to return. Located in the lower Sonoma area, this is a great place to visit on your way north from San Francisco. Scribe is a relatively new winery and while some of their wines come from their own grapes, many are from the neighboring lands.

Scribe Vineyards - old chicken coop in the background (I think there were 17 of them originally!)
The Tasting Room
Mountainside Views
Since it was beautiful out our group was able to take advantage of the beautiful picnic area in front of the tasting room under the trees.

Enjoying Some Wine 
Tasting Area - doesn't get much better than this!
We took our spots at the picturesque farm table and were offered water to accompany the wines as well as some yummy cheese, hummus and crackers. Among the wines we sampled were the Estate Riesling and Estate Pinot Noir. Rieslings are not something I traditionally enjoy, but Scribe's is not at all too sweet - just totally enjoyable. The pinot was still pretty young, but given a bit more time, it will develop into something pretty delicious.

The tasting aftermath....
The tasting area had a swing hanging from one of the old trees, so of course, even in my dress, I jumped on (rather awkwardly) and took it for a bit of a spin. Needless to say this was a highlight.

Still Going!
While the building shown above is the current tasting room, there is a hacienda building on the property that is going to be renovated to be a house for the owners or a new tasting room.

The Hacienda!
Scribe was a perfect place to spend our morning. Definitely plan on an extra long tasting because hanging out outside on their property is just too enjoyable to rush through. While Scribe is relatively small for now (if memory serves me, I don't believe you can buy their wines in stores) it should be a household name soon!


  1. I love your warm, sunshiney pictures. Makes me wish I was there right now!

  2. Wine tasting in bright, sunny Sonoma sounds awesome anytime of the year, but even more so right now when it's sooooo cold here!!

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