Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Littorai - Biodynamic Grape Farming

After a great morning at Scribe, we went west to Littorai, which is located in the coastal region of Sonoma Valley. Tucked away from the majority of other vineyards, it is a beautiful drive over to Littorai.


This vineyard is definitely one where you want to take a tour because they practice biodynamic farming, which is more than organic farming. Not only do they not use any form of pesticides in their farming practice, but they use every bit of their surroundings to help the grapes prosper. While you have to be organic in order to be biodynamic, you are not necessarily biodynamic by being organic. Of note however, is that while Littorai practices biodynamic farming, they do not make organic wines - they add sulfates! This is a fun fact to bring out at wine shops and really confuse people (even though I don't know much else!)

Bee House
On our tour we saw the home for little tiny bees that help pollinate the numerous flowering plants on the property. Littorai's garden is pretty amazing. Each of the plants growing serves a particular purpose. One of their flowers' jobs is to actually form a tea that they then send through the watering system, which can calm the grapes as necessary. Yes - the grapes are watered with a tea! Additionally, they compost everything and use that as the fertilizer for the vines.

The Garden of Amazing!
The flowers were too pretty not to photograph

Vines on the hillside
Enjoying the views
Littorai focuses their wine efforts on Chardonnays and Pinot Noirs, and while they utilize grapes from their vineyard they do source some from the Anderson Valley where biodynamic farming is also practiced. While sitting outside sheltered from the sun under a tent, we enjoyed sampling many of the Littorai wines. You cannot get Littorai in stores, so you have to go visit!

On our way home, we stopped at Whole Foods to stock up for our vacation. Once back in Glen Ellen we hung out on the deck, opened some wines from both Scribe and Littorai and enjoyed some pretty fantastic views.

Views from the house!

Have you heard of Biodynamic Farming? Do you drink organic wines?


  1. I have heard great things about this winery! I find biodynamic farming very interesting!

  2. That vineyard is gorgeous! And a very interesting process. I am loving your warm, sunshine-filled photos!

  3. This is so beautiful!! And it's so interesting to hear about the process!


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