Monday, December 9, 2013

Burger at the Abbey in Brookline

Working over in Brookline Village, I get to experience restaurants with my coworkers that Nick and I might not otherwise try. Recently we went to a Washington Square favorite - The Abbey. With a pub-like atmosphere and a diverse menu, its easy to see why this is a neighborhood go-to.

The Burger

While there were mussels, a Cuban and falafel among other things on the menu, when someone else at the table mentioned getting a burger, I knew I would get burger envy and had to get one. Arriving at the table, the cheese was nicely melted over top the burger, and the bun was lightly grilled and didn't fall apart from the juices of the burger when you bit down.

A Perfect Medium-Rare...
At $12, the price point of this juicy burger that was cooked perfectly was great! With so many burgers in Boston costing north of $20, it is a nice reminder that a good burger can be reasonably priced.

For those who live in Brookline, I am sure I am telling you all something you already know, but for those not familiar, The Abbey is worth a relaxing neighborhood night out.

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  1. The Abbey was one of our favorites! I bet you even walked by our old condo if you walked up Washington from Brookline Village to Wash Sq. We really miss the Abbey.

  2. I've never been here but that burger definitely looks like a reason to go.


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