Friday, July 15, 2011

Brunch at Post 390

I love brunch - I think it is my favorite meal to go out and enjoy. Restaurants have really been upping their brunch selections lately, and longer do you just see bacon and eggs and some pancakes. Rather, they are more inventive, making brunch a special occasion and a reason to head out on a Saturday or Sunday morning.

On this Sunday (quite some time ago) Nick and I were at a bit of a loss of where to go to brunch. We knew we wanted to go to the Back Bay but were not sure where. After some back and forth we finally realized why not see if Post 390 does brunch - turns out they do, so we made reservations and headed out. We had been to Post once before ages ago for dinner and I think based on this we got a $20 gift card in the mail. I didn't think it could be for real, but we brought along just in case.

Since this trip was actually awhile ago it was still cold out. We walked in and were welcomed by a warm space with dark wooden walls and large fireplaces that were flickering away. While we had made reservations, the restaurant was not too packed yet, so we were seated straight away at a high top with a comfy booth and large leather chair. Looking over the menu I was really excited by what I saw and what was in store. Nick ordered the Cross Eyed Mary with house-infused spicy veggie vodka, the house bloody Mary mix and a pickle stick - how could he turn it down!

Bloody Mary

This Bloody had plenty of spice to go around - just the way Nick likes them. The pickle stick was a nice garnish that really went with the drink itself. While enjoying the fire we perused the brunch menu and attempted to make some decisions.

Lovely Fireplace
I settled upon the cinnamon roll French toast. I mean, it came with a banana creme brulee - how could I NOT order it?!

Cinnamon Roll French Toast
The french toast was rich and delicious - completely filling, and I could only eat about one piece. The outside was perfectly toasted and the inside was light and fluffy. The side of maple syrup just topped off the meal. Each bite worked so well. The creme brulee complemented the French toast - warm with a creamy banana flavor under a crisp crust of sugar coating.

Nick went more of a lunch route rather than brunch and ordered the burger - all natural with a Vermont Cheddar.
I was completely pleasantly surprised by the burger. The cheese was melted perfection and it was cooked to the requested rare temperature and nice and juicy. For $15 it is oddly enough one of the cheaper burgers we have had in awhile. The fries are good, but nothing to set them apart. In general a surprisingly good burger!

If you haven't been to Post 390 I would highly recommend a trip - brunch, lunch or dinner!

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  1. that french toast is EPIC!!!! wow talk about "dig in!!"


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