Thursday, November 20, 2014

Boston Chops - Untraditional Steak House

For Nick's birthday last year we got some drinks at Boston Chops prior to heading to Myers and Chang for dinner. As much as I was looking forward to that dinner, I was enjoying my cocktail and our seat at the bar, and when I saw one of Boston Chops' popovers pass by I was almost ready to forget our reservation and stay put! Ever since, I have been looking forward to making a return trip to Boston Chops to check out the food.

The Popover! so much better than sliced bread!

Chris Coombs, of dbar and Deuxave fame, is the chef behind Boston Chops. When the restaurant opened, it didn't just add another traditional steak house to the city. Instead, they built a modern steak restaurant that a younger generation of diners can enjoy. The menu is pretty varied - you can still get prime steaks, but diners can also enjoy some less expensive cuts that certainly don't sacrifice flavor. Add in some crazy dishes like heart, tripe, and oxtail and Boston Chops offers a unique spin on the classic steak house scene.

Filet Mignon
Double Pork Chop
Cesar Salad
Mac and Cheese topped with pork belly
Our meats were all cooked as requested. The popover lived up to the high expectations I had for it, which is saying something. Little things like the pork belly addition to the mac and cheese and the sides already on many of the meat dishes only add to how Coombs had crafted a menu that continues to set Boston Chops apart.

Whether you are in the mood for some cocktails and apps or a full steak dinner, I would suggest taking a trip to Boston Chops.

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  1. I've heard really good things about Boston Chops. So glad to hear it lived up to expectations!

  2. My spouse and I were just treated to a spectacular dinner there -- it was a beautifully designed space, flawless food and service and even the acoustics were good, unlike so many upscale places these days which are too noisy to have a conversation over dinner. It is pricey, just like any American steakhouse would be.

  3. Your pictures are awesome! I had something with oxtail there that I really enjoyed.

  4. THAT POPOVER! wow. definitely need to hit this place up!

  5. I recently had an excellent meal there - lots of apps, a ribeye (my favorite cut), great wine, and really good desserts. I'm gonna have to try that mac and cheese next time!

  6. Wow! Boston Chops is one of the most popular Boston restaurants. It’s our favorite place to hold parties. My best friend’s birthday is coming so we are thinking to book this venue for his surprise party.


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