Monday, September 30, 2013

Tavern at the End of the World (or Charlestown)

Tucked away on the Charlestown/Somerville line is a classic Boston pub - Tavern at the End of the World. When I walked by initially I thought it was not necessarily an establishment that would welcome the presence of anyone who wasn't a "regular," but after accompanying friends there (at their suggestion) for a few drinks I was pleased to find a cozy atmosphere with an extensive the beer list and a menu filled with great options.


Having only been once for drinks since living in Charlestown, this past month we met friends for a casual dinner. Even though it was a Tuesday night, the place was packed because of their stand-up comedy night. We only had to wait a few minutes, however, and snagged a table in the bar area. After taking advantage of their great beer list with a Le Chouffe among others, it was time to think about food. While the menu had items ranging from toasties, curries, and bangers and mash, I went with the cheeseburger - crazy, I know!

Medium Rare Burger
The burger is only $10, which in this Boston burger market is one of the cheapest I have seen that actually included french fries! While fairly standard, it was juicy and cooked perfectly to temperature. The cheese was nicely melted and the bun had a nice toast to it. With so many traditional pub offerings, I might have to return (often) to try them all, but I definitely think the burger is great menu item.

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  1. So shocked you got the burger! :) Looks like a good one at a nice price point.

  2. I have heard great things about this place, and it's not too far from where I work. I definitely need to check it out!


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