Monday, September 23, 2013

Pier 6 at the Navy Yard

When Nick and I were about to move to Charlestown, I was excited to have Tavern on the Water in our back yard.  However, that dream ended abruptly when the bar closed shortly before moving day. I know it had issues, but the views of Boston's waterfront are some of the best in the city. When I heard that Charles Larner of Mija Cantina decided to buy and gut the place, I couldn't have been happier. After watching the progress all summer, the space was finally transformed at the end of August into the new Pier 6.

Downstairs outdoor bar and upstairs dining area
City Views
If you went to Tavern on the Water, you know the front bar area was a bit cramped and made it difficult to enjoy a beer with everyone trying to work their way through the crowd. Pier 6 has transformed that area by shrinking the bar so that you can enjoy high top tables, bar seats or actually stand outside and get a drink without having people bumping into you. Additionally, the finishes have all been drastically improved with comfortable leather seating and an overall rich boating feel.

Nick and I went for their soft opening on their first Saturday night. It was the perfect weather to enjoy some outdoor dining. We had to wait about a half hour for a table, so we grabbed some beers and stood out on the outdoor deck, watched the boats in the harbor and the took in the views of Boston. Once our table was ready, we walked back to the elevated outdoor dining room and looked over the menu. Since it was still their soft opening, they limited the menu to only a few items. To begin, we ordered a couple of oysters to share, including some Wellfleets and Island Creeks, which were of course delicious.  I think they had about 6 different types on the menu, but our server was more than happy to recommend his favorites.

After seeing more than a few lobster rolls go by me, I definitely knew I wanted one. Served cold, this lobster roll was great! There were plenty of chunks of lobster with only a tad bit of mayo - just the way I like it. The roll was an enhanced split top that was light and airy. The bread was good enough where I actually picked the whole roll up to eat rather than picking out the lobster with my fork.

Lobster Roll Plate
Extreme Close-Up
Nick went with the Heirloom Tomatoes Gratin that were stuffed with parmesan, roasted corn and pea greens served over zucchini and a saffron risotto. The plate was beautifully presented with all of the rich colors of summer. The risotto and the stuffing were flavorful and the heirloom tomatoes were bright, however, just a bit unevenly cooked due to their variation in size comparatively. Regardless, if you are a tomato lover, this is for you.

Heirloom Tomato Gratin
After dinner we enjoyed our wine and beer and watched the sunset over the city.

Finally, we met friends at the outdoor bar downstairs, which has been completely rehabbed with a granite bar top that prevents all of that stickiness that occurs from the yummy summer drink offerings. With plenty of tables and chairs around, this is a great place for a group to meet and relax, but the TV's over the bar allow you to follow the games while hanging outside.

Even though I was sad that Tavern closed, it was definitely for the best as Pier 6 offers so much more. I cannot wait to head back soon - even in the winter as the main dining area will remain open!

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  1. what amazing views! glad you have a new go-to place :)

  2. I will have to check this place out! I enjoyed it when it was the Tavern, but this does look and sound a lot better. Love the views, too!

  3. Those are some gorgeous views! Sounds like good food too!

  4. I had a pretty similar night when I visited! started with wellfleet and island creeks upstairs and ended at the bar downstairs! Also had their ceviche w/ watermelon and an awesome swordfish entree. the tavern will be missed but I am so glad pier 6 is open!

  5. I love this place and definitely plan on winter visits. Let's meet up!

  6. This place really looks fabulous! I am really regretting not having eaten a lobster roll this season after seeing the photo above!


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