Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Matt Murphy's Lamb Burger!

I work over in the Brookline Village area, which is a cute little area with a couple of yummy spots.  One of the places I would like to spend more time is Matt Murphy's, an authentic Irish pub with an extensive beer list.  Since I am mostly there during the work day, I don't get to test out their beer list much, but the food is worth the trip itself!  When a new colleague recently joined our department, we welcomed her to the neighborhood with a lunch trip to Matt Murphy's.

After looking over the menu, I could not resist the lamb burger - I mean, my two favorite things in one dish!  The meat is a top round lamb sirloin burger with feta, red onion jam and minted yogurt.

Perfectly Cooked Lamb Burger

This burger was perfectly cooked and totally juicy and tasty.  The lamb was just a bit gamey in a way that made the burger a bit more interesting and different from the beef burgers.  The focaccia bread was just another element that separates this burger from the rest of the pack.

Burger and Fries
The fries were well done and crispy.  They serve them with their housemade ketchup, which was a bit different.  The rest of the dishes my co-workers got were all spot on - the flavors were all rich and delicious.

I would highly recommend a trip out to Brookline Village to Matt Murphy's.  The menu has so many different items to offer.  Keep in mind, though - cash only!

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  1. I've had a couple of really good sandwiches there but I haven't tried the burger yet. Speaking of... we need a lunch date!

  2. I've never heard of Matt Murphy's, but that beer list you mentioned sounds enticing....

  3. Oh, Matt Murphy's... haven't been in so long but this burger looks incredible. Especially on that focaccia bread!

  4. I've heard Matt Murphy's pours a great pint! Must get over there!

  5. Lamb burger? Definitely sign me up. It looks fantastic.

  6. oh man, that looks amazing. still craving lamb!!

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