Thursday, June 27, 2013

Blue Dragon - the amazing Ming Tsai comes to Boston

Based on the my most recent post and this one, it may seem like I go out to lunch a lot, but I am really just backed up on blogging!  My co-worker and I have birthdays only days apart, so we jointly thought it would be a great idea to celebrate with an outing to Blue Dragon - working with a bunch of foodies has its perks.  Ever since Ming Tsai opened his second restaurant in Boston, I could not wait to go.  Located in the Seaport District the space is a bit industrial with an Asian decor flair.

Dragon Burger

Since we were there on a Tuesday for lunch, there was no wait (lucky us!).  Having read more than a few things on Blue Dragon before heading over, including the inclusion on the Eater Boston Burger List, I could not resist the burger.  The burger comes with teriyaki onions, smoked gouda, tomato jam and house fries, and the onion ring topper didn't hurt!  The burger was delicious - cooked a perfect medium rare with so many flavors in each bite.  I thought maybe it would be too much, but they really just worked together perfectly!  Be advised - the burger is only available for lunch.

Perfect Medium Rare - the bun was so light and airy
As a table, we ordered some appetizers to share, including the Teriyaki Salmon with Cha Soba Noodle Salad with Wasabi Vinaigrette; the Thai Beef Salad with Green Papaya, Grapefruit and Lime Vinaigrette; and the fried rice.

Salmon Noodle Salad
Beef Salad and Fried Rice
All three of these dishes were unbelievable.  The fried rice is what I wish all delivery fried rices would taste like - seriously delicious.  The two salads would make for great main dishes.  If you have not been to Blue Dragon I would highly recommend a trip to Sea Port.

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  1. oh man, i never would've thought to order the burger! need to get there :)

  2. I've heard so many good things about this place. I definitely need to check it out soon!

  3. Another place on my ever-growing list!

  4. Ahhh we so want to try this place! Yum!

  5. I have only had cocktails there so far, but all of the food looked SO good!

  6. My office is maybe 3 minutes away from Blue Dragon so we often go there for brunch - I do love the burger but my favorite is the fish and chips!

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