Monday, February 4, 2013

Sweet Potato and Kale Pizza

Sometimes I find a bunch of random things in my kitchen, and the best thing to make them come together is pizza!  Tonight was one of those nights: we had kale, onions, brussel sprouts, and sweet potatoes on hand.  Through in some dough and cheese and you have a pretty hearty and flavorful dish.

Preparation was pretty easy for this pizza.  I first sliced the sweet potatoes and onions and tossed them with salt, pepper and a bit of olive oil to prep them for roasting.

Pizza Toppings
There was a lot of potato and onion, so I roasted them with brussels sprouts for a side dish...
Lightly Roasted Pizza Toppings 
While the veggies were in the oven I arranged the dough, purchased at a a neighborhood pizza place, on the baking sheet.  I drizzled a bit of olive oil over top and then sprinkled some dried rosemary and crushed pepper on the dough.

More Toppings
Since I am not a huge fan of kale (its a love/hate relationship), I wanted it to spend some time in the oven which is why I added it to the pizza before it cooked rather than afterwards like I do with arugula.  Finally, I sprinkled some shredded mozzarella cheese over top of everything.

Ready for the oven
I let the pizza cook in a 400 degree oven for about 13 minutes - I obviously could have done a few minutes less, but I happen to like my pizza well-done!

I served the pizza with a side of other roasted veggies.  Everything turned out really well - even the kale!  Sweet potato seemed initially a bit odd on pizza, but it really worked, giving me a unique flavor combination.

Dinner is served
Making pizza at home is totally easy, especially when you can grab some dough at a local restaurant.  Most of them are more than willing to sell you the dough - you just have to ask.  I have not tried making dough at home yet, but soon enough.

This pizza was quick, delicious and overall, pretty healthy!

Do you make or buy your pizza dough?


  1. What a wonderful idea - that last picture looks particularly delicious. I would never have thought to put those toppings on a pizza.

  2. That pizza sounds awesome! I love potatoes and sweet potatoes on pizza. Sometimes I make my own dough and sometimes I pick some up at Whole Foods... depends how much time I have and whether we planned ahead.

  3. I've recently started making my own pizza dough, but I'm always down to get fresh dough from a local place to save time. I love potatoes on pizza, so I will definitely need to try this recipe!

  4. This combo totally speaks to me!! I second Megan on getting dough at Whole Foods. I've made it before but it's soo easy (and delicious) grabbing some at WF!

  5. The kale on this sounds wonderful. I try to make my own pizza dough when I can, but often buy it at Whole Foods if I'm in a hurry or don't plan ahead.

  6. i've definitely made a similar pizza, so i'm totally on board--delicious!

  7. All of my favorite things on a pizza!

  8. This looks so good! I'm tempted to make it myself x

  9. i have actually had sweet potato on pizza before and I agree it's really good.

  10. I agree, pizza is a great way to combine leftovers from your fridge! Your combo of sweet potatao and kale looks perfect!

  11. I didn't know that restaurants sell pizza dough, but lo and behold, I took the info you shared and bought some from my favorite pizza place. It's a bit of a drive away, so I don't get to go there often enough. Hence, I took advantage of being able to buy the dough. It's a great way to be able to have my favorite crust and make a healthy pizza. Thanks for the idea!



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