Sunday, February 10, 2013

Scenes from Nemo - Boston

It all started so innocently.  The snow began to fall mid-afternoon on Friday.  We went out (walking) to a friend's house at about 7:30 and there was only about 4 inches of snow on the ground.  There was a bit of wind, but not too bad - nothing us New Englanders can't handle.

Friday Afternoon
When we woke up on Saturday, however, it was a winter wonderland!  There was a solid 2 to 3 feet of snow on the ground.  Cars were buried and the roads were just a mess.  That morning we had some pancakes and coffee and enjoyed being snowed in.

There were only foot prints heading down to the main road that would eventually turn into sledding hills :)

Charlestown Streets
After hanging out in the afternoon, catching up on television, we finally watched Bottle Shock.  Since we had visited Chateau Montelena, it made it that much more fun to see.  Of course, we had to open the bottle we had on hand as well.  Between that and some Cowgirl Creamery cheese, we had ourselves a lovely evening.

On Sunday, we woke up to road conditions that weren't any better than the day before, but luckily we don't have a car to dig out, so we made the most of it!  The snow made it very easy to tire Holly out.  With no traffic, our street was still a playground.  We ventured out to Warren Tavern for some lunch and to cure some cabin fever but not much further.  Indulging in some Magner's Cider and Fish n' Chips made for a lovely afternoon.

Running in the snow!
Nemo definitely provided plenty of snow to satisfy even the most hardy New Englanders.  Hopefully you all are finally dug out and safe and sound.


  1. Love Bottle Shock! It was so fun not having cars on the street this weekend and just generally playing in the snow and being snowed in. But now it can go away. :)

  2. Your weekend sounds like the perfect way to enJoy a snowstorm! We escaped to Vermont for the weekend, and took advantage of the snow up there on the slopes.

    1. Vermont seems like a much better way to spend the storm!

  3. Now that's snow! We've had a winter's worth in Toronto as well!

  4. I am bummed that we missed the storm. Sounds like a perfect to enjoy a snowed in weekend!

  5. Ha, it did start so innocently. These photos are great reminders of how fun and beautiful the weekend was, which I need to keep in mind as we continue to clean up!


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