Monday, January 21, 2013

Sundance and Skiing in Utah!

Hello from Utah!  One of my oldest friends recently moved to Utah with her husband for work and naturally, Nick and I booked tickets out there to see them and do some West Coast skiing.  Turns out that this weekend, which just seemed to work best for us all, also happens to be Sundance Film Festival!  Needless to say that I will have plenty to recap upon our return to Boston.  For now, here is a quick photo...

Have you skied out west?


  1. Wow! Lucky you,that sounds amazing!

  2. looks like a blast. My trip to Utah which coincided with Sundance years ago was one of the best ski trips ever! jealous

  3. Enjoy - sounds like so much fun! Bet the conditions and weather are WAY better than home!


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