Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Delicious Brunch at Kitchen

Even though we moved to Charlestown, it definitely has not stopped us from heading to Back Bay and the South End.  One recent weekend we were running errands and found ourselves on Tremont Street and hungry when we passed Kitchen.  Having heard good reviews, and having spotted lobster grits on the menu, we headed down the stairs.  Only after being seated did I learn that Kitchen is part of the group that also owns Grotto and Marliave.  Both are delicious, so I knew we would be in for a treat.

When reading the cocktail list (it was after noon, after all!) the mulled wine immediately caught my eye.  The beverage arrived warm at the table in a snifter that caught the aroma so that you smelled the drink even before tasting it - perfect for this chilly day.

Mulled Wine
Nick's go-to Bloody Mary
After ordering what we assumed was a normal amount, we received two complimentary corn muffins that were HUGE!  Sharing one would have been just fine, but after tasting it, I am happy I did not have to share!

Corn Muffin
I sort of wish I had known about the muffins before we ordered the Big A$$ Cinnamon Roll, but not really because it looked too delicious to pass up.  When it came out in a cast iron skillet covered in a yummy frosted topping, I was hoping it would taste as amazing at it looked...

Big A$$ Cinnamon Roll
...and it was!  Perfectly warm and gooey, this was a great decision.  I am so happy we ordered it - even with everything else that was about to come out!

Its hard to believe that we had two more entrees we planned to share coming out!  First was the biscuits and gravy with "all-things pork," sawmill gravy and shoestring fries.  When one plate arrived with two manageable biscuits, we thought we were in good shape.  Come to find out the kitchen actually split up the entree and Nick was going to get his very own plate of two biscuits, heaps of gravvy and a tower of fried potatoes.  While it was loads of food, I had to work hard at not eating the whole plate immediately.  Everything was flavorful and decadent.  The gravy was what you would expect to find south of the Mason Dixon line.  This dish was too good to be true! 

HALF of a Biscuits and Gravy Order
In our effort to share, we ordered the dish that originally caught my eye - the lobster grits with loads of cheese and wilted spinach.  There were huge chunks of lobster in each of the ramekins (of course the kitchen split this dish, too) and the grits were a lovely texture.  A yummy dish, but the biscuits were hard to top.

Lobster Grits!
Needless to say, PLENTY of food came home with us that day, and I was slightly pleased to see a few other couples on our way out who had ordered the same amount of food (so we didn't feel like complete gluttons!).  We were so pleasantly surprised by how delicious this brunch was.  I would highly recommend a trip to Kitchen, and while part of me says to be conservative and remember the huge servings, most of me says to indulge and order as much as you can because it was all so delicious.  I cannot wait to return for dinner to check out the other half of their menu.

Have you been to Kitchen?

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  1. Have been to Kitchen a few times for dinner but never for brunch. That cinnamon role alone is enough to persuade me! If you go for dinner and you like lobster be sure and get the Lobster Thermidor, probably the best I've had in my life.

  2. Love those big portions! And I just blogged about brunch today, too - great minds! :)

  3. I so need the biscuits and gravy and the cinnamon roll in my life. Sounds like an awesome brunch spot to me!!

  4. Sounds like quite a feast! I could totally go for some mulled wine right now...

  5. omg! i want that HUGE cinnamon roll ASAP! hahah
    -abeer @

  6. hold up!! i did not know there were big ass cinnamon rolls happening at the kitchen, it's only a few blocks away. OMG!!!

  7. wow, so much food! but it all looks fantastic, a place to remember next time i'm in the mood for brunch :)

  8. i love taking food to go. sounds like kitchen is doing well!

  9. Kitchen is super close to my office, and I always walk by but have never been. Looks amazing!


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