Wednesday, August 22, 2012

City Landing - New Waterfront Dining

We were a bit sad to hear that Sel de la Terre on the waterfront was closing.  However, when a team from the Cape, including chef Bill Brodsky, explained their concept of bringing delicious Cape food and a sophisticated/casual dining atmosphere to the space, I think people were intrigued.  I recently had the opportunity to pick a location for a Junior League prep meeting and thought it was the perfect opportunity to check out City Landing, especially since it had opened just a few days prior.  I was excited to give the new space a go.

The interior has been constructed with a lighter, easy feel.  The dominating green color reflected the feeling the the architects were trying to convey.  We were seated by the window (for a lovely view of the rainy evening!) and while we got caught up, we looked over the menu and tried to make some decisions.

After debating a few items, I decided to go with the Hoisin Barbecue Rare Tuna with baby bok choy, sticky rice cake and a dashy soy broth.  When the plate arrived at the table I knew I had made a good decision - the presentation alone was beautiful!  The tuna was seared perfectly and the hoisin sauce was flavorful without being overwhelming.  The bok choy and sticky rice were a nice contrast in texture and taste to the fish.  Overall the plate was balanced and something I would not hesitate to order again.  

Hoisin Barbecue Rare Tuna
The others at my table went with a good variety of other items on the menu, including a combination of the Long Wharf Chopped Salad, which had an amazing combination of grilled chicken, shrimp, cranberries, Great Hill blue cheese, pear, tomato, bacon and almonds in an red wine vinaigrette.  This loaded salad had a different flavor profile in each bite that offered loads of goodness. 

Chopped Salad
In addition to the salad, B got a side of the Macaroni 'n Cheese, prepared the "old school" way.  This little pot was cheesy, creamy goodness that was as delicious as you would imagine.

Macaroni and Cheese
M went with the Berkshire Pork Oscar served with a crab cake, asparagus and Béarnaise sauce.  Again, the plating was beautiful, especially with the inclusion of the white asparagus on the plate.  The taste matched the presentation.

Pork Oscar
I was impressed with City Landing, especially since the restaurant opened only a few days beforehand. The service and the food was delicious.  I am excited to go back to City Landing to see what else they have in store.

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  1. City Landing sounds awesome and I can't wait to get a chance to check it out. Your tuna looks beautiful! And that pork Oscar sounds like a dish I'd love.

  2. We had a fantastic dinner at City Landing on Saturday!

  3. I was also sad to hear about SDLT but everything here looks great!

  4. WOW everything looks great! I'm totally craving mac and cheese right now, and I like the looks of that one!

  5. That tuna is exactly what I would have ordered - yum!

  6. That tuna is stunning! I had no idea about Sel de la Terre! And, really, it's amazing that City Landing pulled off serving customers a great meal just days after opening. I usually find it so frustrating to eat at new places.

  7. omg the mac n cheese is like something ive never seen before

    1. ..... well okay and the tuna but my mouth watered upon seeing the mac n cheese goodness


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