Friday, February 10, 2012

Nutty Irishman

When Nick and I went to Sunday River last winter for a weekend getaway I was craving the drink I always get slope-slide - the Nutty Irishman - but for some reason it was not on the menu!  I was a bit crushed, wondering if I had just dreamed about this drink as it had been a few years since I had it.  However, one night I saw it on the bar menu as we were on our way out the door (of course!) and noted the ingredients for later.

Naturally, travelling through New Hampshire, a stop at the State Liquor Store is a must!  If you haven't made the trip across the border - go, its totally worth it.  Nick and I walked out with just about every liquor they had, including Bailey's and Frangelico for the sole purpose of making some Nutty Irishman.  This past weekend when Nick and I were home prepping the food for the Superbowl, we decided to break out the ingredients and dress up our coffee a bit - Sunday Funday, right?

The Ingredients
The Necessities...

  • 1 cup of coffee
  • 1 shot of Bailey's
  • 1 shot of Frangelico
Basically, to put these drinks together, we simply brewed some coffee, added a shot of each liquor and had a nice drink!  I will say, I think these cute monogrammed mugs make it taste better - yes, Nick has an "N" mug. These were my first Valentine's day gift to him.  I have only ever had the "E" mug and he the "N" - I think switching would throw everything off!

This coffee drink is perfect for a lazy weekend (even if its not noon).  I mean, it's coffee with flavored cream, right?!?  Even better is to drink one (or two) of these slope-slide after a cold morning of skiing.  But, this Saturday they are saying snow, so why not curl up with a Nutty Irishman?  It will definitely warm you up.

What is your go-to winter drink?


  1. So good! This is definitely one of my favorite coffee drinks!

  2. i drink this every christmas eve!!

  3. This seems like the perfect after-dinner drink! :-)

  4. I never think to make Nutty Irishmans! I'm on a dirty martini kick lately.

  5. Ooooh so yum! As a NH native, the need to stop at the "booze barn" whenever you cross the border really resonates!


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