Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Lunch at B&G Oysters

After all of the wedding celebrations and I had finally returned to work, my co-workers decided to continue the celebration with a lovely ladies-who-lunch style outing.  When given a list of amazing choices, B&G Oysters stood out, and I jumped at the chance to go back after having an amazing dinner there over a year a go.

B&G Oysters is tucked into a garden level corner brownstone in the South End.  While the restaurant is below ground, the bright blue and stainless interior make it feel bright and vibrant.  There are only a few high tops surrounding the massive bar, with loads of seats that have a perfect view of the raw bar and kitchen so you can watch the chefs in action.

The lunch menu is a smaller version of the dinner menu so there is plenty to choose from.  Trying to make decisions is a bit tough, but one easy choice was the Lobster Beignets with a celery root puree, truffle and pickled fennel.

Lobster Beignets
I was happy when the rest of the table was willing to share this dish, because this may have had to be a main course otherwise.  The beignets themselves were light but had so much lobster flavor in each bite - really a surprising amount considering the lightness.  The truffle was not overwhelming at all - normally I like the strong flavor, but here it was nice and subtle, which allowed the taste of the celery root and fennel to be brought out.  These non traditional ingredients added a substantial depth to each bite.

Beignet Close-Up
Menu and Raw Bar Options
For a table of 4 we did not have much variety in our entree orders, and we all went with either the Lobster BLT or the Lobster Roll.  Nick had the lobster BLT on our previous visit and could not say enough about how delicious it was.  This time was no different.  The thick and crusty bread loaded with lobster was was only better accented by the bacon flavors.  This sandwich just had loads of goodness in each bite.  I would highly recommend ordering this dish if you happen into B&G Oysters.

Lobster BLT
I went with the Lobster Roll.  While I knew it was not hot and buttered, I was told it was not overly smothered in mayonnaise, and true to everyone's word it wasn't.  The lobster was flavorful and seasoned well, and the bun was nicely toasted and buttered.  However, when this arrived I could not help but be a bit disappointed.  For $27 the lobster roll was just so small - tasty but small.  It was a decent size for lunch, but I felt like the $25 lobster roll from Neptune Oyster provided a lot more bang for your buck.  Stick with the BLT....

Lobster Roll
Both entrees were accompanied by french fries, coleslaw and pickles.  While I am not a pickle person, I loved these fries and the coleslaw.  The fries were a perfect golden brown with a crunchy crispness that was so satisfying.  The coleslaw had a vinegar base rather than mayo making it lighter with a tang in each bite.  Every time I eat a vinegar-based dish I keep reminding myself I need to start adding it to more of my own meals.

Even after being stuffed with the delicious food, we still had room to split a dessert.  In this case we decided to share the Meyer Lemon Tartlet topped with candied lemon and thyme.  The lemon filling was light with a sharp tartness that was exactly what you look for when venturing away from the sweet desserts.  The candied lemon and thyme provided just enough of an accent in flavor and texture to the bites, nicely contrasting the smoothness of the lemon filling.  This dessert was a perfect way to end a buttery, rich, lobster-filled meal.

Meyer Lemon Tartlet
This return trip to B&G Oysters reminded me again why I loved my first trip and have been wanting to go back since.  The flavors in each of the dishes were so great and the involvement of non-traditional ingredients like the celery root are examples of what makes the dishes so innovative but also tasty.  Go for the lobster BLT or the beignets, and I promise you won't be disappointed!

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  1. That tart is gorgeous. I love the little flecks of thyme.

  2. I love B & G! We rarely go there because it is always full, for good reason. I want those fries right now.

  3. This whole post has my stomach growling! I can't tell what looks better the beignets, the roll, the pickles or the dessert!

  4. I have wanted to make it here for my summer lunch series for two years running and still have not! The lobster roll was high on my list, but you have sold me on the BLT. this summer for sure!!

  5. I LOVE B&G and especially their lobster roll. Sorry Neptune but I think B&G wins on this one. Great review. I now need to go back!

  6. I will definitely order the BLT when I go. That's another place that needs to go on my list. I've never been.


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