Monday, August 19, 2013

Fishing in Boston Harbor

For Nick's birthday this year I actually got my act together and planned a day fishing trip out of Boston Harbor.  Honestly, the reason it took a couple of years to get around to it was that finding a good, convenient boat proved to be more difficult than I originally thought.  Finally I reached out to some friends on the North Shore thinking they would know of places up there, and one good friend actually recommended a boat out of Constitution Wharf in Charlestown - PERFECT.

Nick's Fishing!
Fishing Frenzy is owned by Captain Scott, who has a day job but during the summer takes groups out on fishing trips.  The whole atmosphere was totally relaxed; the only rule was there were no rules. Scott and his first mate, Brian, were super helpful and eager to please. Rather than spending the time trolling, their eyes were on the water, watching the birds and looking for splashes. We were constantly moving around in search of the fish. Once settled, the two of them were casting and the minute a fish was hooked, they let us have the fun and reel it in.  Nick actually cast and caught his own fish!

We caught some fish!
We were out for 6 hours and the time flew by - I was worried because when we arrived at the boat, it was POURING! Shortly after we started out the skies started to clear and I wished I packed a bathing suit rather than a sweatshirt. While I got a bit addicted to catching fish, there was still plenty of time to enjoy just being out on the water.

Out on the water...
So blue!
To me, there is no better view of Boston than from the water.  It's just so pretty!

Downtown Boston
Beautiful Sailboat
More Views...
We ultimately had to head home (no fun), but luckily we had plenty of "trophies" to take home with us. Nick and I were not looking forward to prepping the fish, but Captain Scott took care of that for us. We ultimately caught seven strippers and one blue fish.

Our Bounty
After showing off some of our catches, Captain Scott skinned and filleted them all. While I am a huge fan of fish, I am not sure we could ever get through everything we caught, so we took home the blue and about half of the stripper.

Lots of Fish!
If you are looking for a fun way to explore the Boston waters this is definitely it!  I would highly recommend contacting Captain Scott if you are wanting to head out and do some fishing.  He is really flexible and willing to do what he can to make you happy.  He was really engaged the entire trip and as you can see we caught plenty of fish...stay tuned for a couple of fish recipes later this week!

Have you been fishing in Boston Harbor?


  1. OMG that looks like so much fun! You guys caught so many fish.

  2. This looks awesome! I can't believe the size of those fish! So much fun!!

  3. I've tried fishing but never been patient enough to catch anything!

    1. Whats great is they catch most of it for you - you just get to have fun reeling the fish in!

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