Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Dining in Portland Maine - Where to Begin?

When you head to Portland, I think there are two main things you go for: to eat and to drink.  In our short weekend away, we did plenty of both!  After waking up on Saturday morning we were in search of some breakfast from a non-chain establishment.  A quick check-in with the friendly hotel staff put us on the road for The Standard Baking Co.

I have to admit I didn't realize we did not get any food shots here (we were too busy devouring what we ordered)!  However, you must believe it's delicious.  When you walk in you are just surrounded by pastries and breads of all sorts.  If you can see past those (though tough to take your eyes away) you see all the people working furiously to keep the piles of delicious treats high.  There were enough locals grabbing some breakfast that I knew the taste would match the presentation.  On Sunday morning we actually went back to Standard because I really wanted a copy of their cookbook and treats for the ride home.  Now armed with their recipes, I will have to report back soon.  However, in Portland, this is a great breakfast spot with some outdoor seating just across the street from some water views.

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For a late lunch Nick and I went to Duckfat.  This was a place we had heard about every time we mentioned heading to Portland, and after reading a bunch of reviews, there was no way we could not go!  We knew there would be a wait so we headed over around 2:30 and were sat by 3.  Do not be scared off by the wait - make this place a priority!  We could not make up our minds when looking over the menu so just decided to go for a few things...

Brussel Sprout Salad
Meatloaf Panini with mustard pickles, smoked paprika, and cheddar
Poutine made with Pineland Farm Cheese Curd, House Made Duck Gravy and Chives all topped off with an egg
Special Charcuterie Board - Rabbit Mortadella (AMAZING!) and Coppa Cotta
So yes, we went a bit crazy with the food but it was all so delicious that I am not sure I could have picked a top choice!  I was happy with my salad to get a little green in there, but it had some great additions to it.  The rabbit mortadella was a recommendation from our server (not a normal pick for Nick and I) and was rich and almost creamy - not to be missed.  The poutine was some of the best I have had this side of the Canadian border.  All in all, if you go to Portland GO to Duckfat.

Duck Fat on Urbanspoon

Luckily, our dinner reservations were not until 9PM.  After our very filling late lunch I was worried if I was going to be able to eat anything at all.  However, when good food is on the table, that never is a problem for me - always room in my stomach!

After a little nap and shower, we walked the two minutes from our hotel down cute Wharf Street to Street and Company.  Upon walking in, you feel like you are entering someone's home; the brick walls and indirect lighting give off a warm intimate feel.  Our table had a great view straight into the open kitchen so we got to watch the chefs in action, trying to pick up pointers for how to cook the best fish possible.

Bread Butter and Salt and Pepper!
View of the kitchen and drying herbs
Glass of Rose!
Oysters :)
Clam Cake Appetizer
Grilled Swordfish
Blueberry Pie
Street and Company was a great end to a wonderful day spent in Portland.  The food was simple and delicious!  The fish was moist with a lovely grilled flavor.  If you are in the mood for a perfect fish dinner, Street and Company is the place to go for dinner.

Street & Co on Urbanspoon

On our first night while visiting Novare Res Bier Cafe, the bartender mentioned that East Ender had a delicious brunch and some of the best fried chicken in town.  So on Sunday morning, we checked out of our hotel, shopped along Commercial Street, and headed over to the restaurant and grabbed a seat at the bar.  Once again, we did not know when to stop ordering because everything looked amazing!

Lemon Curd filled Donut
Fried Chicken and Waffles
Pulled Pork with a hoisin BBQ sauce, cheesy scrambled eggs on green onion Jonnycakes 
Everything at East Ender was out of this world.  Who would have thought that such delicious fried chicken would come out of Maine?!  The hoisin BBQ sauce on the pulled pork was surprising and added a fun twist in flavor.  The donut was literally the icing on the cake.  Going to East Ender for any form of food is a good decision.

The East Ender on Urbanspoon

Like I said, we ate so much delicious food on our weekend away.  Sadly, this post does not even cover the amount of alcohol we drank.  Those details will come in a later post :)  Beer lover or not - Portland is a delicious place to visit.


  1. For a minute I thought you didn't get fries at Duckfat, but then I saw the poutine! That brussels sprout salad looks awesome. And I love Standard. I still need to try Street and now East Ender too.

    1. Your recommendation made the fries a must try - I just couldn't resist the poutine! However, we still need to get to Fore St. and Eventide....

  2. Yum! Portland sounds like an awesome place to go, especially because it's only a ~8 hour drive for me. I haven't tried poutine but I hear it's a must try. Yum!

  3. you guys know how to pick em, and how to order! every single thing looks incredible!

  4. Everything looks delicious! I love Portland...what a great foodie getaway!

  5. so many good eats! i need to get to portland, stat :)

  6. I want all of this right now...and I don't even eat meat. Everything looks fantastic. Love Portland!!

  7. I have only been to Duckfat out of all of these. I need a week in Portland to cover all of the eating I want to do!

  8. Wow you guys really did it up! Everything looks incredible. I've heard such great things about The Standard Baking Co and Duckfat. If we do visit Portland next month, I want to go to both!


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