Friday, September 21, 2012

Maki-rrito (aka, the Sushi Burrito!)

When word started spreading that a San Francisco mainstay, the Maki-rrito, was coming to Boston's new Avery Provision, I was excited and knew I would have to check it out.  A Maki-rrito takes the best parts of a burrito and sushi and combines them!  On a Saturday afternoon soon after they opened, Nick and I headed over for some lunch ordered two of the Maki-rritos, made with tuna, cucumber and spicy mayo, all wrapped up in white sushi rice and seaweed.  Each one is made by hand right in front of your eyes.

This was definitely a different experience, but in a good way.  The roll is more sushi than burrito - think a REALLY big hand roll - but it works.  This is an easy and simple way to have some sushi without worrying about the pieces from falling apart!  Fresh ingredients and the fun idea will make me stop in again for sure.

Ingredients for Maki-rrito and sushi!
In addition to the sushi bar, there are tons of other prepared options available, like grilled chicken , a variety of noodles, fish and a full deli counter to make the most perfect sandwiches.

Deli Counter
Having worked in the area previously, I am a bit sad that I can't make a quick stop in for lunch during the week!  However, this isn't far off from Nick's commute and could definitely make for some easy dinner options.  Regardless, there are plenty of items for you to choose from at Avery Provision, but the Maki-rrito is definitely a good place to start!


  1. I had wanted to go to this event - the concept seemed so neat! Thanks for the review!

    1. Oddly enough, I had already gone before the event...couldn't make it over for lunch, but I really wanted to!

  2. what a fun concept! love your creation :)

  3. I was also sad to miss the Maki-rito event. I'll have to head over there to try them out on my own.

  4. Very cool. I definitely need to get over there to try it at some point!

  5. Interesting idea! I really want to try it


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